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APS Networks® is about more than just network disaggregation within switches or software defined networking (SDN). We are using a blend of development skills in hardware, firmware/embedded, OS and application software, to help blow the world of closed networking wide open. We are taking the pieces and putting them back together more securely, more efficiently and, most importantly, doing this as an open, collaborative community together with our customers and partners.

Our vision includes hardware, open source and programmability, all tailored to our customers‘ business-specific requirements, to provide a stable and supported platform for open networking innovation. Our dedicated hardware solutions are built around enabling the latest open technologies to serve vertical industry needs.

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APS Networks ® BF2556X-1T
Advanced Programmable

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APS Networks ® BF6064X-T
Advanced Programmable

NoviFlow believes programmable pipeline processing will fundamentally change the way networking is done. This has led to the development of our NoviWare SDN NOS, CyberMapper controller family, and cybersecurity network solutions deployed around the world.

We also believe that healthy solution ecosystems are built using great development tools that flatten the learning curve, reduce development effort and time, and deliver a reliable deployment.

NoviFlow’s NoviSpeaker P4 Runtime Speaker provides the P4 community a commercially supported development and deployment toolset covering the complete development cycle and making full use of advanced P4 and Tofino capabilities on commercially available white-box hardware.

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Vector Data builds Carrier-Grade NFV hardware infrastructure. Vector Data’s leading server, network, and storage solutions are deployed in SDN and Edge environments worldwide. All products are offered individually or as part of a complete OpenPod solution and are available with AC or -48V DC power as well as NEBS, ETSI, VCCI, KC and other telecom compliance certifications. Some products such as Vault Edge servers are offered with additional options such as outdoor, pole mount, fully rugged, HVDC, and wide temperature. Vector Data is a new ONF member and looking forward to joining the community.