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Cumucore offers a 3GPP compliant Packet Core that includes 4G EPC and 5G NC, supporting both NSA and SA functionality. Advanced 3GPP defined features like 5GLAN and TSN are available already today. The Packet Core is designed using microservices for each of the functions defined in the 4G/5G architecture. The system can be deployed on bare metal or virtualized platforms like OpenShift. Cumucore provides a unique framework to build industrial and private networks. The design is focused on flexibility, cost reduction and efficiency leveraging the advantages of Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

Cumucore has customers all over the world with different needs including universities, research institutes and companies. The common nominator is the need to have a local mobile core with a reasonable price. Cumucore software can be licensed or used on SaaS (Software as a Service) models. For Proof of Concepts and other small projects Cumucore can deliver needed basestations and User Equipment. Through research projects Cumucore has working relationships with many OEMs providing a variety of choices for used radios.

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Telecom EPC / 5G Core | O-RAN | MEC | Industry 4.0 | Product engineering

GS Lab offers technical expertise services to a wide range of players in the telecom space including operators (MNOs, MVNOs), ISVs, private LTE solution providers, and start-ups. A significant contributor to OMEC and Aether projects with ONF, it has leveraged expertise in Telecom core (vEPC, 5GC), O-RAN, MEC, and 3GPP compliances to help its customers achieve their transformational business needs and leverage the power of the telecom revolution. Their in-house fully equipped lab setup and assets such as OMEC-in-a-box and Octopus help with quick customer onboarding and execution.

With its product engineering DNA and expertise across multiple disciplines such as IoT, embedded systems, data science, networking, and cloud, GS Lab offers services in development, quality engineering, deployment and support.

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The promise of 5G is unlocking significant change and sparking the 4th Industrial Revolution, driving use cases such as industrial IoT and improved healthcare, to augmented reality, autonomous vehicles and smart cities. But if 5G is to succeed in delivering these use cases, the industry needs access to an open disaggregated Radio Access Network (RAN) that gives operators the flexibility required to meet the network challenges of 5G cost effectively. Much of the network has already benefited from a wave of disaggregation and virtualization in support of 4G/LTE.

Who Disaggregated My RAN? delves into the last piece of the network to be disaggregated, the RAN.

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