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By transforming networks, building out the edge, and enabling tomorrow’s AI and edge networking, Intel is delivering on the possibilities of 5G with cloud-native technologies to profoundly transform industries, enhance business operations, and delight our customers. With the most complete set of network technology solutions for the industry to build upon and a proven ecosystem of 400+ network software and solution providers, Intel is enabling the full potential of 5G, edge, data centers and AI.  To learn more about Intel’s innovations, go to newsroom.intel.com and intel.com/ifp.

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Alibaba Cloud is one of the leading cloud providers in the world. It’s the proven leader in cloud technology and the digital economy. Alibaba Cloud is committed to providing cutting edge services with continuous technical innovations. Alibaba cloud network infrastructure team is one of the pioneers who are using programmable network technologies to provide predictable, reliable and cost-effective network services. It is the first who deployed P4-capable switches in large scale for both central and edge clouds to achieve superb performance and cost efficiency. It builds networks with application-network co-design and optimization that can achieve differentiated and predictable end-to-end networking services. Alibaba cloud is also a driver of the fundamental technical developments in the areas of network verifications and network programmability. www.alibabacloud.com