Q: When and how are the two organizations merging?

A: Once the merger is completed in late 2017, the new ONF will combine the operations, membership, budget and employees of both organizations. The project boards and governance will continue, unchanged. ONF will realign its OSSDN open source projects to be coordinated by a Technical Steering Team to drive alignment toward use cases and trials. ONF standards work will focus on efforts with a clear path toward accelerating use case endeavors of the new ecosystem.

The overall breadth of the work coming from the old ONF will likely compress in order to increase the impact of workstreams. ONF will increase investment in projects that have a clear consumer within the new ecosystem. OpenFlow, and an open and programmable data plane remains an essential part of the overall mission.

Building on the success of the existing ONF training and certification programs, ONF will broaden its the programs and add a developer-focus to ensure they’re well-aligned with open source both within ONF and beyond with projects like OpenDaylight.