Virgilio Fiorese jpg

Virgilio Fiorese

McKinney, Texas, United States

Organization: Mavenir

Areas of Specialization: Aether, ONF Org/Mission/Strategy, SD-RAN, SEBA/VOLTHA

My whole professional life has been about connecting people and things, I’m in the Telco industry since 1994. For more than 10 years I was part of one of the most important suppliers of 3GPP ecosystem, Ericsson, and working for them I had the opportunity to develop my passion for the Rural America ISPs, the WISPs Association. Today I’m trying to help the Rural ISPs to adopt Open RAN as part of Mavenir CBRS commercial solution, which comes as fully disaggregated, where customer have horizontal and vertical freedom to mix and match different COTS HW and SW vendors. I promote the increasing of open RRUs supporting O-RAN 7.2 interface, m-Plane management interface and adoption of RIN (RAN Intelligent Controller).