E-CORD builds on the CORD platform to create a cloud-native solution for delivering services to enterprise customers. Rather than deploying purpose-built equipment on the customer site or in the operator’s network, E-CORD creates a nimble solution blending Cloud, SDN and NFV technologies into a cohesive solution where virtualized functions can be deployed where they make sense.

E-CORD enables the delivery of a variety of services for enterprise customers, including:

  • Private VPNs
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • SD-WAN traffic optimization over multiple backbones
  • Application traffic prioritization
  • Firewall and security services
E-CORD current state of the art

Enterprise WAN: Costly, Static & Increasingly Complex

  • SDN Control of Optical WAN requires innovative multi-layer & delegated control primitives
  • Hardware support issues due to carrier grade connectivity services on white box infrastructure
  • Control and configuration of disaggregated ROADM platform requires careful design of abstract interfaces
  • Maintaining high performance levels for transmission and signal integrity in the optical white box model

Disruptive Cloud-based Enterprise Services with ECORD

  • Zero touch virtual networks
  • Strong SLAs / QoS for enterprise traffic
  • Built-in analytics
  • Based on commodity hardware and open source software


E-CORD: SD-WAN Done Right

  • Zero touch virtual networks on demand
  • Strong SLAs / QoS for enterprise traffic
  • Software stack that enables creation of innovative services
  • Simplified on-premise equipment and maintenance
M-CORD - Best of Mobile & CORD

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