FOSSASIA Summit 2023

Apr 13, 2023 to Apr 15, 2023 | Singapore/Virtual


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April 14th | 11:15 am SGT

Don't miss a presentation by Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, ONF Ambassador and Research Fellow, National University of Singapore, on "Develop and Verify Networking Program with P4 and Mininet," at FOSSASIA Summit 2023.

Abstract: P4 (programming protocol-independent packet processors) is a special language to define how the network packet forwarding process is built independently from the underlying hardware. It can be used to dynamically reconfigure the forwarding process on the different target hardware, such as ASIC, FPGA, or SmartNIC. Users can write complete networking programs that includes in-band telemetry/measurement, traffic load-balancing, anti-DDoS, packet broker, and offload protocols. The program can be tested using widely available network emulator, called Mininet, so that the behavior of packet forwarding can be verified before it is deployed in the real target hardware. In this presentation, we will quickly go through on how the P4 program looks like, how to compile, and how it is verified using Mininet emulator software.

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