ONF Webinar: Open Networking Hits a “Milestone Moment”

Mar 30, 2022 to Mar 30, 2022 | Virtual Event

Culmination of a decade’s work leads to release of
Software-Defined 5G+Edge platform

Come learn how you can now build your vision on the world’s most complete and powerful
open networking platform

This month ONF has released the most powerful and comprehensive platform for software-defined networking ever open sourced, democratizing mobile networking and making it possible for anyone to build their own end-to-end 5G network with edge computing and more. Never before has such a complete solution been available in open source.

This is the latest step and a major milestone in ONF’s journey that has resulted in tremendous industry transformation against steep odds.  When ONF started in 2011, open source and software-defined networking was a novel concept with many naysayers. Over the last 10 years ONF has led the way in advancing open software-defined networking, catalizing creation of open cloud-native solutions for the data center and broadband networks.  With this month’s releases, ONF has now open sourced all the components needed to enable the same level of transformation for 5G with edge computing.

Join ONF for this webinar to engage with the leadership team, learn more about this remarkable platform and gain insight into how you can take advantage of it – how you can build your vision leveraging components or building applications on top of this amazing platform. 


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