TIP Summit’19

Nov 13, 2019 to Nov 14, 2019 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visit the ONF Booth at the TIP Summit to learn about how ONF and TIP's OOPT project group are leveraging synergies to increase openness, SDN programmability, and disaggregation in optical transport networks. Based on open source software, white box hardware and common APIs, this collaboration is enabling rapid introduction of new optical services, while lowering CAPEX & OPEX and avoiding vendor lock-in.

The demo at TIP Summit’19 will feature integration of ONOS with GNPy optical simulation software for optical route planning and optimization tools for real-world multi-vendor optical networks. The demo is based on a optical network comprised of two Cassini Terminal devices from Edgecore, with IPinfusion OcNos as switch OS and Lumentum Transceivers and Czech Light Open Line Systems, all discovered, managed and configured through ODTN with ONOS. ODTN on top of the two Cassini devices has been tested in a field trial in Telefonica del Perù.


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