VOLTHA v2.7 Techinar

Apr 14, 2021 to Apr 14, 2021 | Virtual Event

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April 14th | 9:00am PDT

In this live webinar the focus is on the recent VOLTHA v2.7 release, which was released in tandem with a new version of ONOS, v2.2.8. Together these releases feature enhancements, deployment process improvements and new test procedures. This event will be led by a VOLTHA technical expert and will offer first a presentation about the release and the new included feature and then an opportunity for attendees to get their questions answered. 


  • SEBA RD 2.0 and VOLTHA Architecture and project state
  • VOLTHA deployments with operators (DT, TT) and feedback loop
  • VOLTHA 2.7 release
    • In Service Software Upgrade
    • ONU software Update
    • Alarms and Performance Measurements 
    • voltha-infra and voltha-stacks helm charts
    • PPPoE
    • Testing
  • VOLTHA 2.8 Roadmap
  • Q&A

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Andrea Campanella 150x150 jpg.  Andrea Campanella, MTS, ONF