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2020 OMEC/COMAC Community Award Recipients Announced

Sep 28, 2020
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author

ONF is very pleased to announce the 2020 recipients of the Community Contributor Awards for ONF’s mobile core and access projects (OMEC and COMAC). During Oguz Sunay’ live keynote presentation, “SD-RAN: Towards a Disaggregated, Open and Programmatically Controllable RAN”, delivered as part of the virtual 5G Transformation with Open Source Spotlight forum on September 8th, he announced recipients of the awards. Award recipients were nominated by the community in recognition of their efforts and contributions.

Two award categories of Community Contributor Awards are cited - one for individuals who have continued to make contributions to the projects over multiple years and one for individuals who began making significant project contributions over the past year. 

Congratulations and a warm thanks to all of this year’s award winners! The ONF open source OMEC and COMAC projects have significantly benefited from the efforts of these community contributors as well as many others.


OMEC/COMAC Community Award - Multi-Year Contributor

pingping 150x150 jpg

Pingping Lin, ONF

  • Outstanding technical contributions spanning multiple years
  • Technical leadership of CORD and EPC code from the earliest versions of M-CORD through the production ready OMEC codebase 
  • Infrastructure to maintain open licensing across the codebase
  • Exceptional effort put into code reviews

christian 150x150 jpgChristian Maciocco, Intel

  • Outstanding technical contributions spanning multiple years
  • Technical leadership in the CORD and EPC programs from the earliest versions of M-CORD through the production ready OMEC codebase 
  • Leadership working with operators like Sprint and T-Mobile to bring an open source codebase to production level


0 150x150 jpgMichal Sewera, Deutsche Telekom 

  • Outstanding technical contributions spanning multiple years
  • Excellent work in the promotion and evangelizing of COMAC, with highly credible and impressive real world deployments



0 1 150x150 jpgAshok Sunder Rajan, Intel

  • Outstanding code contributions to OMEC spanning multiple years
  • Technical leadership in the developer community in the evolution of the early EPC codebase to the current production level OMEC codebase
  • Technical leadership working with the community to build automated test environments helping to drive the codebase to production levels

OMEC/COMAC Community Award - Contributor

Shad Ansari 150x150 jpgShad Ansari, ONF

  • Top OMEC code contributor in the last 12 months
  • First SD-RAN contributor -  contributions to ONF's first SD-RAN demo at Connect 2019
  • Creation of a RAN simulator that enabled development and test of SD-RAN controller features in the absence of real hardware. It is a key asset of the SD-RAN software portfolio.
  • Initial design and development of a virtualized, vendor-neutral Central Unit Control Plane (CU-CP)

avatar 150x150 jpg

Somnath Chakrabarti, Intel

  • Outstanding technical contributions to the Open Mobile Evolved Core (OMEC) spanning multiple years
  • Technical leadership in the ONF developers community in the evolution of OMEC towards a production level codebase working closely with operators like DT/T-Mobile, Sprint
  • Technical leadership to enable OMEC software components to run in Intel SGX secure enclave providing enhanced security, initially for billing/charging, then for other OMEC components

SeanCondonProfilePic e1560881403790 150x150 jpgSean Condon, ONF

  • Top OMEC code contributor in the last 12 months
  • Simulation UI for testing the performance of handovers
  • Contributions to the modeling of the SPGW and HSS configuration
    • Contributions to the integration of these to the Aether ROC
    • Building a GUI front end for the configuration of these

0 2 150x150 jpgSaikrishna Edupuganti, Intel

  • Always there to help (slack, e-mail); very good knowledge of the stack 
  • He quickly onboarded us when we tried to set-up OMEC; answered multiple questions; went out of his way to do a 2-hour call to resolve problems and guide us through our first code contribution.
  • First person who onboarded OMEC to k8s platform
  • Key contributor to creating ngic-rtc network function
  • Acknowledging and thanking everyone on Intel's team (Sai, Asim and Christian) 

0 1 1 150x150 jpgAsim Jamshed, AWS

  • Top OMEC code contributor in the last 12 months
  • Co-lead maintainer of OMEC's upf-epc project
  • Code reviewer for externally contributed patches 
  • Community support for queries and issues that were posted on the Issues tab on github
  • Team member making design decisions for upf-epc transition from 4G UPF to 5G UPF

Badrinath 150x150 jpgBadhrinath Padmanabhan, ONF

  • Top OMEC code contributor in the last 12 months
  • Implemented and tested multiple features in MME including security feature, s1ap enb context support, resynchronization with hss
  • Interaction with community to enhance MME architecture, design and features support
  • Implemented P4runtime support for UPF
  • Implemented and presented MME Exporter to display subscriber information at ONF Connect 2019

0 3 150x150 jpgHimanshu Purohit, GS Lab

  • Top OMEC code contributor in the last 12 months 
  • Architecture, design of e-utran-features branch
  • Dynamic discovery of control plane based on DNS query in Nucleus MME
  • libpfcp and libgtpv2c library for encoding/decoding of pfcp and gtpv2c messages
  • Involved in design of epctool

photo 150x150 pngAnjana Sreekumar, Infosys

  • Anjana has made significant contributions to the Nucleus MME, which is part of the OMEC project She has been instrumental in the new design of the Nucleus MME which is currently deployed as part of Aether.
  • She significantly contributed to development of the gtpv2 stack
  • She has made significant contributions in delivering key features like S1 Handover, Bearer modify procedures, 5G NSA support, robustness improvements, timer handling for the OMEC Nucleus project

Ajay Thakur 150x150 jpgAjay Thakur, ONF

  • Top OMEC code contributor in the last 12 months
  • Support for various features of MME (statistics export using prometheus, static APN to SPGW mapping, cleanup of NAS encoding/decoding. Supporting multiple PLMNs, PCO Support in MME, Network Slicing at MME static APN mapping, error handling and message retransmission's at MME, MME robustness). Various features of SPGW (PFCP


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