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Announcing the Release of SD-RAN v1.1

Apr 22, 2021
Saurav Das
Saurav Das About the author

ONF is pleased to announce the release of SD-RAN v1.1, a cloud-native open source implementation of software-defined RAN consistent with the O-RAN architecture.

A major highlight of this release is the collaboration between ONF and two project collaborators (AirHop and Facebook) towards a demonstration of SON functionality as an xApp, demonstrating the first multi-vendor xApp solution and proving the power of a RIC-based open RAN architecture. 

SD-RAN v1.1 includes the µONOS-based nRT-RIC, a white box-based CU/DU/RU solution with LTE support, and a completely virtualized dev/test environment called RiaB (“sdRan-in-a-Box”). 

Other release features and enhancements include: 

  • ONF’s RAN simulator (RANSim) is now O-RAN compliant in its use of the E2 interface and Service Models (SMs) when interacting with the nRT-RIC. 
    • RANSim was completely re-architected to simulate dozens of E2 nodes, and simultaneously support multiple Service Models (SMs) such as KPM and RC-PRE SMs. 
    • Runtime gRPC APIs were added to support CRUD operations on E2 nodes, cells and their attributes. 
    • A supporting utility was added that can be loaded into RANSim to create a RAN topology.
  • The entire SD-RAN stack was upgraded to support O-RAN standardized KPM-SM v2.0.03 and E2-AP v1.0.1. 
  • Lastly, RiaB can now be used in three different modes, depending on the use case.

Join the SD-RAN Community

The SD-RAN community includes leading operators and vendors embracing the open RAN movement and the vision of a vendor-agnostic nRT-RIC to help enable multi-vendor interoperability. 

The SD-RAN community has been growing fast, and members now include Aarna Networks, AirHop, Amdocs, AT&T, China Mobile, China Unicom, Cohere Technologies, Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Far EasTone, GenXCom, Google, Intel, NTT Group, Parallel Wireless, Radisys and Sercomm. A warm thank you to everyone who contributed to this release and are enabling this exciting progress to continue. 

New members are always welcome. To learn more or to join the community, please visit the SD-RAN project, and to stay updated on the project’s progress we recommend subscribing to the SD-RAN Announce mailing list.

Live Techinar

Join us for a live virtual session on April 28th, 2021 at 9am PDT to learn more about the SD-RAN v1.1 release from project leads and collaborators. There will be application demonstrations along with technical highlights about the architecture and features of the release, and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during the live Q&A. Click here to register

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Saurav Das