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Community Highlights – June 2022

Jul 13, 2022
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents 

Developer Relations & Communities


  • Working with multiple teams in the community to get hardware eNB and gNB with Aether in a box setup.
  • Aether documentation updated to reflect the learnings from the community. One challenge was creating a compatible environment for deploying AiaB; known working methods were documented.  Also added tips on which UE devices support CBRS.
  • For AiaB deployments with hardware radios, added the ability to install Prometheus / Grafana monitoring stack and eNodeBD management service.


  • Gnbsim :  Vijaya from Intel is working on GUTI registration procedure support in gNBSim. A new profile will be added to trigger guti registration from gNBsim followed by pdu session establishment procedure. 
  • GnbSim: Vinni from GSLab has added support in gNBSim to launch profiles during run time through HTTP API. This will eliminate the need to relaunch the gNBSim to launch a new profile.
  • Vijaya from Intel is working on NRF Keep Alive Feature. Code is complete and review is in progress for changes in all network functions. 
  • Ankur from Intel is working on 5G UE address allocation via UPF. This is in progress. 
  • Simapp/ConfigPod communication over http2(to avoid tcp make-break for each subscriber config).
  • SMF support for plmn-id config change - review is in progress
  • Bug fixes around Qos handling in SMF
  • APIs to support TTL Index and support for independent expiry time for documents added to MongoDBLibrary. 
  • Collection watcher code added to NRF with configuration to enable the same. This enables getting notifications from MongoDB when any changes happen on the collection.
  • AIAB tested with statefulset config for MongoDB. Statefulset mode is needed for MongoDB  to enable collection watcher code.
  • AMF state store code updated to be configurable (config : enableDbStore)
  • AMF state store tested with sctplb and bug fixes. (Under review)
  • Infosys team Anjana and Aditya has worked on AMF changes to support local UE purge


  • The SEBA and VOLTHA community released VOLTHA 2.10 release. The key features are
    • Fiber to the Building (FTTB) Support
    • Scale enhancement and Rolling software upgrade capabilities
    • Initial Combo PON support
    • Platform stabilization 
      • ONOS 2.5.8
      • Extended Message Support
      • Unknown MEs handling
      • ONU Delete and re-discovery
    • BBF Adapter Initial Implementation
    • Testing 
      • FTTB, 
      • Memory Leak,
      • TIM, 
      • DMI
      • Rolling upgrade
    • Certification of Zyxel SDA3016SS OLT
    • ONOS replacement Design and first open source example


  • P4 Education Working Group
    • Ran a P4 + P4Pi tutorial at IEEE Netsoft. Participating P4 community members: Noa Zilberman, Robert Soulé, Fernando Ramos, Damu Ding, Salvatore Signorello
    • Running a hackathon at SIGCOMM'22 on August 26th, we invite people to join. Learn more here.  P4 community organizers: Salvatore Signorello, Damu Ding, Fernando Ramos, Sandor Laki, Robert Soulé, Noa Zilberman


  • A techinar which will focus on the Stratum v21.06 release and roadmap is scheduled for July 19th, led by Brian O’Connor and Max Pudelko. Register here to attend.


  • ONOS 2.5.8 (Velociraptor LTS) was released at the end of June
  • Work continues on updating ONOS code base to the latest Atomix Cloud version


  • Progressed the TR-512 Core model update aiming for the October 2022 release. Led by Nigel Davis (Ciena).
  • Set the plan for reviewing the draft TR-512 v1.6 documents/write-ups. Nigel Davis (Ciena) and Kam Lam (CICT).


  • TAPI sub-team continues to work on progressing the TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement v2.0 as edited by Ramon Casellas (CTTC).  Input was provided by Nigel Davis (Ciena), Xiang Yun (CICT) and Andrea Mazzini (Nokia).
  • 5G-xHaul sub-team is progressing an openBackhaul Equipment model with input from Thorsten Heinze and others from TEF.

Developer Relations and Communities

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