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Community Member Profile: ADTRAN Team – Holger Hildebrandt, Michael Pagenkopf, Torsten Thieme

Mar 15, 2021
Ain Indermitte
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In this community member profile, we would like to feature the team from ADTRAN - R&D Engineers Holger Hildebrandt, Michael Pagenkopf, and Torsten Thieme. They work in Berlin, Germany, and are active contributors in the Open Networking Foundation’s SEBA/VOLTHA community.

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Torsten joined the SEBA/VOLTHA community in autumn of 2019. Michael and Holger followed shortly thereafter in March of 2020. 

Michael and Holger are part of the ADTRAN team contributing to the development of the OpenOnuAdapterGo in VOLTHA, developing and testing software parts of the OpenOnuAdapterGo. Torsten’s main contributions are various robot tests for several VOLTHA functions, including establishing tests for the new OpenOnuAdapterGo. They are collaborating with all the contributors to the OpenOnuAdapterGo - ONF, Netsia, and others. Torsten is a member of the testing brigade and works intensively with Suchitra Vemuri and Hardik Windlass from ONF.

Together, these three have some impressive backgrounds. Michael and Torsten received their Master of Information and Communication Technology degrees from the Technical University of Dresden. Holger studied in Berlin and graduated with a Master of Information and Communication Technology degree as well.

Michael has been working in the telecom industry as a software engineer for Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks in Greifswald, and ADTRAN in Berlin. He was involved in the development of various wire transmission technologies like POTS over PCM, ISDN, ATM, SHDSL, VDSL, G-Fast, and PON.

Torsten started working as a software engineer for Siemens with development of GSM-D900 data services and charging, followed by SGSN and GGSN packet handling and accounting. In 2007 he moved to Nokia Siemens Networks and was a member of the development team for Broadband Access systems in the DSL area. In 2012 he moved to ADTRAN where he was involved in DPU development and OAM tools.

Holger started his professional career at DeTeWe developing the EWSD system. Starting in 1999 he worked for Siemens in the telecommunications department developing SGSN/GGSN systems to be used in GPRS and 3G mobile systems, as well as media gateway systems. In 2007 he started to work for Nokia Siemens Networks developing Broadband Access systems in the DSL area. In 2012 he moved to ADTRAN where he was involved in DPU development. 

When asked about their experience working with ONF, they said: “People we met at ONF are very open-minded, we were warmly welcomed and supported in our efforts to contribute to the development of various projects. Decision-making seems to be quite fast in daily ONF work. Special thanks goes to Andrea Campanella who is always ready to respond to our requests.”

As far as life outside of work, Michael and Holger enjoy traveling and finding some regeneration from work when jogging or hiking, while Torsten loves gardening, cooking, and sports.

ONF, and especially the whole SEBA/VOLTHA team, would like to extend our gratitude to this team of professionals from ADTRAN for the great work they are doing and wish them all the success in tackling this exciting area of new development in broadband networks.


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