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ONF Board of Directors Takes Action Following Member Workday

Jul 22, 2011

At its July meeting following the successful June ONF member workday, the ONF Board took the following steps to grow and direct the momentum:

  • Having already started the Extensibility Working Group, the Board endorsed its initial efforts on the re-expression of OpenFlow® 1.1 with key extensibility features. Activity on the mailing list is extensive and the group meets weekly via conference call.
  • Given the high interest and participation in the breakout sessions and mailing lists for testing & interoperability and for configuration & management, the Board declared its intention to charter working groups on these topics and solicited proposals from the members for scope, deliverables, timelines, and leadership.
  • The Board declared its intention to form two new working groups, one on protocol-specific features (called Match-Action-Table) that will include the handling of IPv6 and one on the Hybrid Programmable Forwarding Plane (referring to the hybrid switch that combines both OpenFlow® and conventional components) and started new mailing lists for them, soliciting proposals as above.
  • The Board decided to start a new mailing list for discussion of the controller’s northbound API to satisfy members’ interest in talking about this subject.

The Board will be gathering input from the members during the coming weeks and will review the progress at its September meeting.

Mailing-list access and working-group participation are open to all ONF members without restriction but are not available to non-members due to IPR constraints.

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Dan Pitt