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Member Workday Launches ONF Technical Activities

Jul 12, 2011

The ONF member meeting held on June 21 attracted over 120 attendees from the 42 member companies (limited to three attendees per company), coming from as far away as India and South Africa, and launched a series of technical discussions on mailing lists motivated by the breakout discussions. ONF Executive Director Dan Pitt opened the meeting with a presentation about ONF’s nature, governance, culture, and plans and set out the expectations for the day.

Highlights are the formation of a Technical Advisory Group reporting to the Board of Directors, the formation of the Extensibility Working Group, and the setting up of five topical mailing lists (for members only, due to IP licensing constraints). There were five breakout discussion sessions:

  • Extensibility (facilitated by Jean Tourrilhes, HP)
  • Features for OpenFlow® from a data center viewpoint (facilitated by Scott Shenker, UC Berkeley)
  • Features for OpenFlow® from a WAN/enterprise viewpoint (facilitated by Nick McKeown, Stanford)
  • Testing and compliance (facilitated by Errol Ginsberg, Ixia)
  • Configuration and management (facilitated by Deepak Bansal, Microsoft).

Each facilitator presented the main points and outcomes of his breakout discussion at a plenary immediately following. Mailing lists were set up for continuing discussions on extensibility, features, IPv6, testing and compliance, and configuration and management. A Board meeting that evening charged the Extensibility Working Group with proposing a scope of work and work plan at the July Board meeting and the facilitators of the other mailing lists plus the TAG with reporting on the mailing-list discussions at the July Board meeting. Finally, ONF members were informed about the upcoming Open Networking Summit to be hosted by Stanford on October 17-19; more information on that will be forthcoming.

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