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Community Member Spotlight: Jayakumar Thazhath

Apr 3, 2019
Bill Snow
Bill Snow About the author

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Please meet Jayakumar Thazhath who works for Infosys based out of Trivandrum, India. He has worked in the ONOS community since 2017. He has been a developer for more than 11 years and has also worked for Accel Front Line and Rad Data Communications as an embedded telecom developer and Linux kernel developer. The last three years he has been developing key ONOS and Trellis features for a major service provider, including:

  • IPv6 Router Advertisement App, which periodically sends out RA messages on IPv6 subnet configured device ports with full RFC compliance.
  • Xconnect loop detection feature, which prevents an L2 loop for the Xconnect feature within Segment Routing for a host endpoint that transitions from dual-homed to single-homed status.
  • MACsec support using NetConf (currently in review)
  • RouteSimplification feature, that programs route flows only to the leaf switch where the next-hop is present(currently in review)

“Jayakumar's team contributions to Trellis have led to IPv6 functional completeness with the implementation of the Unsolicited Router Advertisement feature. In addition, their loop prevention techniques have greatly improved Trellis VLAN Cross-connects. Their contributions are much appreciated by ONF and its community.” - Saurav Das, VP of Engineering at ONF

"Infosys is very committed to advancing open source solutions and we really appreciate the level of contribution and leadership that Jayakumar has shown" - Vignesh Ramamurthy, Principal Architect at Infosys

Apart from individual contribution, Jayakumar also plays an important mentor role for a team of talented new ONOS developers – Jobin Joseph, Sneha Prem, Anjali KK, Arjun K from Infosys and leads them to address different feature requirements and bug fixes to ONOS.

In talking with Jayakumar, it is clear he is a strong ONOS enthusiast and has many ideas for how ONOS and Trellis can be improved.

When he isn’t developing code he spends time in reading, outing with family and playing with his two young children who are both under 6 years of age. And, no big surprise, he is a cricket fan!

We thank Jayakumar for his contributions and look forward to seeing more good work from him in the future.

Bill Snow

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