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NFV Phase 2 Begins.

Dec 15, 2014
Marc Cohn
Marc Cohn About the author

New leadership, organization, and renewed focus on implementation.

Since its inception, ONF has been working closely with the ETSI NFV ISG toward a dynamic network infrastructure to enable widespread deployment of NFV. In early spring, ONF became the first SDO to enter into a MoU with ETSI, and since has been guided by the NFV Use Cases and Architectural Framework.

ONF support for ETSI NFV has continued to evolve, with appointment of Nabil Damouny (Netronome) as the ONF-ETSI NFV ISG liaison, and close coordination with ONF’s architecture and L4-L7 efforts. ONF Executive Director Dan Pitt stated, “The NFV ISG remains an important forum for the world’s leading operators to guide ONF’s carrier/WAN focused activities.”

In recent years, the carrier/WAN segment has emerged as important as any, with ONF establishing the Optical Transport Working Group, the Wireless and Mobile Working Group, and the Carrier Grade Discussion Group. Working closely with the OIF, ONF members participated in OpenFlow-based transport SDN testing that successfully wrapped up this summer.

For 2015, we anticipate even more significant progress as both open SDN and NFV continue to rapidly evolve. ONF plans to work even more closely with the ETSI NFV ISG, addressing gaps identified, and potentially contributing to the Open Platform NFV (OPNFV) open-source reference platform as well.

I recently wrote a blog post on behalf of the ETSI NFV ISG leadership as a result of the recent NFV #8 meeting held Nov. 17-20, 2014 in Scottsdale, Ariz. The group is entering its second phase, bringing about changes in leadership, organization, and instilling a renewed focus on implementation. For more information about this progress, you can read the post on the ETSI NFV ISG Blog or at SDNCentral.

- Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn is a senior director of Market Development at Ciena, focused on the company’s SDN strategy. He serves as the Market Area director and member of the Technical and Executive Councils at ONF, and he is a delegate in the ETSI NFV ISG. Marc is also the liaison between ONF and ONUG.

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Marc Cohn