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ONF Community Highlights – April

May 6, 2020
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents (alphabetical)

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations



  • Aether fabric switch has been changed from OpenFlow switch to Tofino switch. The Aether data plane is now P4/Stratum fabric. We are developing an automation tool to automatically configure P4/Stratum fabric. Also, we are evaluating the performance of the new Aether data plane.
  • Docker image and Helm chart for BESS based UPF has been added.
  • Deployed Aether Edge to NTT Lab in Osaka
  • Preparing to deploy new Aether Edges: AT&T, Netsia, Telefonica, Ciena, China Unicom, and Tech Mahindra.
  • Fixed connection failure issue with NGIC UPF in Tucson Edge.
  • Refactored the Aether Edge deployment guide for internal use.
  • Ran performance tests across all existing edges and fixed performance issues with IP fragmentation.


Ambassador Program

  • We welcomed two new Ambassador A-team members, read about it here.
  • We are glad to introduce new Ambassadors who recently joined the team:
    • José Castillo Lema - currently working as Cloud Consultant, Architect and Technical Lead for NFV-related projects at Red Hat. BE in Computer Engineering from University of A Coruña (Spain) and PhD from Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo (Brazil). During his MsC and PhD studies, he worked on QoS routing in SDN and NFV Management and Orchestration. He has been designing and implementing IaaS/PaaS solutions, namelly OpenStack and Kubernetes/OpenShift, for the last 8 years, and teaching postgraduate courses for the last 4 years.
    • Moustafa Mohamed Amin Soliman Ali -  a seasoned Network Consultant, with 20 years of experience in the Data Networking industry, ‘Emerging Technologies Enthusiast' and 'Blockchain for Telecommunications Activist'. Specializing in IP Routing Protocols, MPLS, Data Center, Cloud, SDN and Blockchain Technologies, Moustafa has worked with some of the large-scale Telco Carriers, Service Providers and Enterprises worldwide. Throughout his professional career, Moustafa has successfully managed elite groups of highly-skilled professionals & experts, developed creative business opportunities, technical articles, contents and delivered numerous courses, workshops & bootcamps. 
  • We completed several updates to the Ambassador website and wiki pages, streamlining various program processes.



  • Merging paging branch to master.
  • Updated to short license header for openmme and c3po repos.
  • Fixed the DDN issues on both S11 interface and s1ap interface. Right now, DDN features can pass the NG40 test. 
  • Changed  openmme testing environment  from single upf to multiple. 
  • Maintaining “latest” Docker image tag for each OMEC project and branch.
  • Added OMEC contributor guide.
  • Added CI jobs for the Nucleus repo.
  • Added automation that builds and publishes OMEC project Docker images following a merge, updates images in the staging environment, and deploys staging with updated images.
  • Added COMAC-in-a-box test for the Helm-Charts repo.
  • Added automation that tests COMAC-in-a-box with OMEC pull-request commits by building a local Docker image containing the changes.


Developer Relations

  • As we reported in our last month’s update, ONF is starting to enforce CLAs on all repos. For more information please refer to the ONF CLA Information page, and to sign the CLA go to the ONF CLA Manager. As of the end of April, CLA is enforced in Gerrit (for ONOS/CORD), and for most OMEC and ONOS repos in GitHub. More repos will be included in the coming weeks.
  • As usual, if you are interested to see all community contributions, please visit ONF Community Dashboard.



  • Held a 4-day virtual meeting on April 13, 15, 16, & 17, covering the modeling topics
    • Streaming
    • View/Context TAPI implications
    • Use of Jab Task to improve operation patterns
    • Simplified Spec vs Generalized Spec,
    • Equipment modelling approaches
    • Mode structure update for the TR-512 Core model
    • Ethernet examples
    • Security model
    • Intent model
    • Constraint Domain split
    • And 2020 work plan

The minutes of the meeting are available at https://wiki.opennetworking.org/display/OIMT/2020+OIMT+Virtual+Face+to+Face+-+Week+of+April+13. It also includes the links to the contributions.



  • Sean Condon (ONF) added support for Bazelisk which allows to use multiple Bazel versions (see TST video for details).
  • Andrea Campanella (ONF) introduced the per device purgeOnDisconnection Flag to support the scenario where multiple apps can control different devices. 
  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) fixed an issue where groups in PENDING_DELETE turned into ADDED again due a race condition with the group statistics.
  • Davide Scano added REST interfaces for VPLS.



  • Thanks to Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) and the rest of the TAPI project team, Release Candidate 1 of TAPI v2.1.3 has been posted on github for review.  TAPI v2.1.3 is the target version for interop testing in OIF later this year.  Completion of v2.1.3 was facilitated by a virtual face2face meeting during the week of April 13th.
  • Andrea Mazzini has also volunteered to be the Developer Assist contact for the project.
  • Another virtual face-to-face meeting is planned for May 6-10.



  • The P4 Expert Roundtable Series forum took place April 28-29 with four live keynote presentations from Nate Foster (Cornell University and member of the P4 TST); Stefan Heule (Google); Chang Kim (Intel); and Vipin Jain (Pensando). Take a look at this blog for highlights from the keynotes. 
  • All the videos and slides from the P4 Expert Roundtable Series can be accessed here.



  • VOLTHA 2.3 (along with ONOS 2.2.2) was released on April 13th after a 3 week QA cycle. Please take a look at the release notes.
  • ONF and DT co-hosted a 2 day Community Meeting on April 28th and 29th. Day 1 was open to all invitees. Slides and video can be found here.
  • VOLTHA FCAPS brigade 
    • The Edgecore Redfish Importer tests were integrated into ONF infrastructure for automated testing of Redfish Importer patches.
    • Infosys continued to improve dynamic logging, adding the ability to list packages available to configure and bash completion. Dynamic logging was added to the python openonu adapter.



  • Craig Stevens (Dell) added support for the Intel FPGA PAC N3000 NIC card and the Netcope P4 FPGA toolchain. This is the first NIC to run Stratum, and it is being used to embed network functions (like the BNG data plane) into the programmable fabric.
  • Habeeb Mohammed (Inventec) and Max Pudelko (ONF) have built an OpenNSA-based Stratum image that runs on Broadcom-based switches.
  • Max Pudelko and Yi Tseng (ONF) have added Debian packages for Broadcom and Barefoot Stratum targets. These packages allow Stratum to be more easily installed natively on the switch, and also simplify the process of building a Stratum Docker container.
  • Abhilash Endurthi and You Wang (ONF) have added the Stratum Continuous Certification (CC) Program’s founding switches to the nightly testing pipeline.
  • Yi Tseng (ONF) added support for encrypting P4Runtime, gNMI, and gNOI connections using TLS, and also added support for IANA-reserved TCP port, 9339.



  • Seyeon Jeong (ONF) fixed several bugs in T3:
    • Multicast tracing showed the wrong result when the sink is absent.
    • Execution order of multi-action treatment was wrong.
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