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ONF Community Highlights: September 2019

Oct 9, 2019
Bill Snow
Bill Snow About the author


We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities.

Table of Contents
Developer Relations (DevRel)
OIMT (Open Information Modeling & Tooling)
OTCC (Open Transport Config & Control)


  • The first ever official ONF mobile platform release, COMAC v1.0 took place on September 20, 2019 - https://guide.opencord.org/profiles/comac/
  • Finished to refactor CDN code. In addition, upgraded the CDN (i) to support that users can watch multiple video streams from CDN-Remote, simultaneously; (ii) to support that a single CDN-Local can pull video streams from multiple CDN-Remotes.
  • Almost finished to integrate the residential access network service (i.e., SEBA) into COMAC-in-a-Box.
  • Started to update some Synchronizers for COMAC (i.e., ProgRAN and MCORD-Subscriber) according to XOS 3.0 spec (currently, those are implemented based on XOS 2.0). It will lead to updating Synchronizer container images on Docker Hub, automatically, when a developer changes one of Synchronizers’ code.

Developer Relations (DevRel)

  • Devrel is working to hire for position of Devrel lead. Job description is on our careers site.


  • The ODTN team held successful demos at ONF Connect and ECOC where we demonstrate multi vendor integration with multi brands of Transponders bookended over ROADMs or a Line System. We demonstrated capability for end to end path and wavelength allocation, power read and configuration and modulation adjustments over the plethora of device present at ONF or located in the CTO office in Madrid. Thanks to Everybody who participated, in particular Scott from Lumentum for organizing both the ROADMs and the ACO cards and being present at the show, Shrikanth as a representative of the IPInfusion Team and Phillip from Infinera for the support on the Grooves.
  • Openconfig Transponder Driver for Infinera Groove G30 was written and is in the progress of being contributed to the platform, thanks to Paulo and Phillip form Infinera for the support. 
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the platform have been done, such as Fujitsu driver improvement, Modulation UI and other minor elements. 
  • The team had an ODTN in person meeting before ONF connect to discuss some of the topics for the upcoming months work. Notes have been taken and can be found here
  • A plan was put in place to integrate GNPy with ONOS during the ECOC conference, Thanks to Gert, Jan, Gabriele and Vittorio from the TIP OOPT PSE group. 

OIMT (Open Information Modeling & Tooling)

OIMT & OTCC held a face-to-face joint meeting on September 9-13. The meeting was hosted by Cisco at its San Jose campus and was attended by ten active members from 8 ONF member companies.

  • On the Core model discussion aiming for the TR-512 v1.5 & v2.0 releases, the meeting reviewed the draft TR-512 documents on the Party model, Location model, Lifecycle state, Storage model, CPU/Memory model, Ethernet examples, and discussed the Occurrence pattern application, Connection/Pin/Strand model proposal, Expected equipment model proposal, Profiles/Templates model and application to Wireless transport, model extension guidelines, Streaming/ Events/ Telemetry/ Cloud Native/ Microservices model proposals, Representation of Configuration vs Operational states, and Operator’s SD-WAN information model & interface based on the Core model.

  • On the TAPI (Transport API) discussion aiming for release 3.0, topics covered include Topology model enhancement, Connectivity, Resilience, Notification/Streaming, Photonic model enhancement, and Routing constraint; and consideration of CCSA NBI standard based on the TAPI model.

OIMT co-chair Nigel David (Ciena) received the Outstanding Contributor Award at 2019 ONF CONNECT.


  • ONOS 2.3 (Toucan) release planning was held on September 19th.
  • ONOS 2.2 (Sparrow) release was marked as an LTS (long-term support) release.
    • LTS releases are now 1.12, 1.15 and 2.2
  • µONOS team had a successful demo at ONF Connect showing multi-device configuration and rollback via gNMI, zero-touch provisioning and integration of µONOS configuration with ONOS 2.2 used for pipeline shaping and programming.
  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) has contributed various fixes for issues seen in production related to duplicate dpid detection and link discovery

OTCC (Open Transport Config & Control)

  • OTCC met jointly with OIMT during the week of September 9-13.  Results are documented in the OIMT report for this month.
  • Tracy van Brakle made a joint presentation with Lyndon Ong at ONF Connect on Wireless modeling in ONF and related model development and testing in ONAP and O-RAN.


  • P4_16 v1.2.0 features finalized at September Language Design Working Group Meeting. New spec is to be released in October.
  • The 2nd P4 European Workshop was held on September 23rd


  • ONF Connect 2019
    • The SEBA and VOLTHA communities honored the following with the 2019 Contributor Award - Matthew Jeanneret (AT&T), Girish Gowdra (Radisys), Matteo Scandolo (ONF), Khen Nursimulu (Ciena), Shad Ansari (ONF), Gamze Abaka (Netsia)
    • Deutsche Telekom, Turk Telekom and AT&T publicly announced their plans to take SEBA to production next year
    • Amazing set of talks in the SEBA/VOLTHA track
    • Two  SEBA demos at ONF Connect
      • SEBA - On a path to production: The latest release of SEBA highlighted  VOLTHA’s hardware abstraction, technology and speed configurability, and operations-readiness while demonstrating AT&T’s workflow for residential subscriber access.
      • SEBA-Advanced: A glimpse of the future of SEBA, with a virtualized and disaggregated BNG incorporated into a SEBA pod, using P4 programmable Tofino switches and next-gen SDN software from the Stratum project.
  • ONF announced the SEBA Surge Team built to rapidly productize SEBA/VOLTHA for production deployments in DT,  TT and AT&T 


  • The ONF with the Stratum community released the Stratum project as open source; it is now available on GitHub.
  • Craig Stevens (Dell) contributed Attribute Database implementation and PHAL CLI to the Stratum project.
  • Broadcom SDKLT implementation for Stratum was contributed by Ravi Kumar (Broadcom) and Max Pudelko (ONF).
  • Several vendors added support for their platforms, including: Dell Z9100, Inventec D7032, QCT T7032-IX1, and Stordis BFN6064X-T.
  • ONF Connect 2019
    • Great talks by ONF, Dell, Google, PLVision, and OSI.
    • Three Stratum-based demos, including the community launch demo with 8 different switches, the µONOS demo, and the advanced SEBA demo with an embedded BNG.


  • ONF Connect 2019
    • Trellis has new documentation
    • Trellis website has been updated
    • Infosys and EdgeCore announced commercial support for bringing Trellis to market
    • Two Trellis based demos at Connect 2019:
      • ONF demonstrated Trellis features, resillency and scale
      • Comcast/Infosys demonstrated Trellis at scale integrated with other system components (logging, telemetry...etc)
    • Many great talks at Connect 2019
    • Hariprasad Rajendran (Infosys), Kalicharan Vuppala (Infosys), Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF), Charles Chan (ONF) and Nagesh Nandiraju (Comcast) were awarded with the Trellis Contributor Award 
    • Broadcom, Ciena, Edgecore, Comcast and ONF team were awarded with the Distinguished Contributor Team Award
  • Harshada Chaundkar (Infosys) added the creation of required IPv6 flow for ACL table when the ethertype is not specified
  • Harshada Chaundkar (Infosys) added feature of discarding routes from certain FPM peer
  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) fixed VLAN deserialization from DHCP options which did not allow to discover DHCP clients connected through a tagged interface


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