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Open Source Optical Movement Kicks into High Gear

Dec 10, 2019
Andrea Campanella
Andrea Campanella About the author

Optical Open Source Community Light up Long Haul Network Featuring Cassini switch and ONF’s ODTN in South America

The open source optical movement is in high gear with progress happening around the world. A recent successful field trial by Telefonica Peru demonstrated short haul and long haul network operations and multi-vendor interoperability of coherent optics modules with Cassini open packet optical transponder. 

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The test featured 200 Gbps connections on a production DWDM optical network over a distance of 641 km at 100 Gbps between the cities of Lima and Trujillo in Peru and a short-haul connection between two data centres at 36km within the city of Lima. The trial has achieved a new milestone in open networking and disaggregated optical systems. This trial provisioned high capacity circuits on an existing line system with a disaggregated packet and optical system that integrates multiple vendors through the use of open standards, APIs and open source software 

This is an important first step advancing open networking in the DWDM network optics field that traditionally has been closed to innovation and interoperability. 

Participants in the trial included Edgecore Networks, Fujitsu Optical Components, IP Infusion, Lumentum, WhiteStack and NTT Electronics America Inc, with the support of the Open Networking Foundation and the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). 

This Cassini-based Packet Transponder field trial demonstrates multi-form at transmission with multi-vendor, open packet optical network elements.   The field trial marks Telefónica del Perú’s first  successful deployment of Cassini, the Open Optical & Packet Transponder from TIP’s (Telecom Infra Project) OOPT (Open Optical & Packet Transport group), on a live DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) network. 

Optical modules from different vendors were enabled and inter-operated with the integration of the Transponder Abstraction Interface (TAI) in the network operating system. Cassini devices were discovered and provisioned by the ONOS open source SDN controller via an Open API, showcasing the system control and configuration capability and enabling the plug-and-play of transponders. 

The field trial deployed Edgecore’s Cassini packet optical switches running IP Infusion’s OcNOS, between the cities of Lurín, Lima and Trujillo, equipped with CFP2-DCO modules from Lumentum and CFP2-ACO modules from Lumentum and Fujitsu Optical Components (FOC), on an existing third party optical line system.During the trial, a subset of the Openconfig interfaces was used to discover, manage and configure the optical link parameters - specifically modulation, frequency and power, by ONOS, the ODTN SDN controller from Open Networking Foundation.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Andrea Campanella
Andrea CampanellaMember of Technical Staff
Andrea joined ONF in October 2015 as a Research Scholar Intern. Andrea received a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and is majoring in Computer Science at the Public University of Milan, Italy, with a focus in computer networks and SDN technology. At ONF, Andrea is on the ONOS core development team focusing on southbound architecture, protocol integration and driver subsystems. Andrea is also part of the A-Team: the ambassador program steering team and is active in shaping the ONOS community. In his free time Andrea enjoys photography, hiking, sailing, biking, and playing basketball.