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Proposed Marketing Benefits for ONF Members

Sep 11, 2017
Timon Sloane
Timon Sloane About the author

We recently posted about the ONF’s updated membership structure and talked about new benefits we would be providing to members.  That was a high-level overview and we wanted to follow up with a detailed look at new proposed marketing benefits designed to help organizations spread the word about the great work they are doing.

Before we finalize these plans, we wanted to share our thinking with the community to get additional thoughts, questions or suggestions.  Let us know if the following benefits for each membership level makes sense to you or if you would recommend we make any changes to this proposal.  If you have comments, questions or suggestions about this, please email Timon Sloane at timon@onfstaging1.opennetworking.org.


Benefits at the Partner level (also get benefits of lower tiers)

  • ONF Partner Level Accreditation
  • CORD and ONOS Project Level accreditation
  • Showcasing of partner solutions on a regular basis through blog posts, at Build events, etc.
  • Promoting key innovations through member-hosted webinars with an ONF lab team member. ONF will promote the webinar to its member community via newsletters, social media promos and on the ONF website
  • ONF website landing page with product descriptions for products that are compatible (and certified) with ONF projects (CORD, ONOS, etc.)
  • Annual marketing planning strategy session


Benefits at the Collaborating Innovator level (also get benefits of lower tiers)

  • Right to use ONOS and CORD project logos on: Member’s sites, Company collateral, Events signage and promotion, Products and product collateral for those products that have passed appropriate ONF accredited certification testing
  • In all cases, may only use logos for projects where CI Member has been granted Collaborator status by the Project TST.


Benefits at the Innovator level (also get benefits of lower tiers)

  • Ability to participate in Member Showcases to demonstrate technology innovations at key industry events
  • Participate in ONFs MarketPlace to promote certified/compliant products on the ONF website
  • Press Release Support from ONF that would include announcing ONF Membership and project participation, supporting quotes from ONF exec team, Support promoting key product innovations related to ONF projects
  • May contribute vendor-neutral blog posts on ONF/Project websites and social media channels (subject to ONF approval)
  • Cross-promotion of Member ONF-related announcements on ONF social channels
  • Use of ONF logo on member website and ability to have Member logo listed on the ONF site, banners/posters, printed collateral and presentations
  • Right to participate in ONF Certification programs as a training or testing lab


Benefits at the Collaborator level

  • Member logo listed on the project websites (CORD, ONOS, etc.)
  • Speaking opportunities at Project mini-summits and other community events.
  • Access to Ambassador program
  • Discount to Build events
  • Other Marketing and PR activities at ONF’s discretion, and generally limited to promotion of specific PoCs where Collaborator has made significant contributions
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Timon SloaneVP, Marketing & Ecosystem
Timon Sloane is the vice president of marketing and ecosystem of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). He leads the organization’s efforts building an open source ecosystem, thus helping to enable broad transformation of the networking industry through the adoption open source business practices.