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Radisys at Mobile World Congress

Aug 31, 2017
Timon Sloane
Timon Sloane About the author

Open Networking Foundation (ONF) will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in San Francisco on September 12-14. Contributing to our large presence at the show, partners and collaborators, such as Cavium, Inc., Deutsche Telekom, Intel Labs, Lime Microsystems, Netsia and Radisys, plan to showcase their next-generation CORD™ solutions. Below, Bryan Sadowski – Vice President for FlowEngine and DCEngine at Radisys – provides a sneak peek into its interactive MWC demonstration.

Radisys delivers open telecom solutions that enable service providers to drive disruption with new open architecture business models. Radisys’ industry-leading software-defined, disaggregated and virtualized platforms leverage open source software and hardware to power business transformation for the telecom industry, while its world-class services arm delivers systems integration necessary to meet communications and content providers’ complex network challenges.

What excites you about being part of the CORD ecosystem?

I truly believe that the “next wave of innovation” is collaboration, and the CORD ecosystem is putting this belief into practice. As a CORD partner, we get to collaborate every day with the leading communications service providers and multiple vendors to define how the networks of the (near) future will be built.

At Radisys, we recognize that the CORD reference architecture meets CSP requirements for next-gen service delivery, while at the same time freeing them from vendor-locked proprietary solutions. Participating in the CORD ecosystem aligns well with our approach to being a disruptive provider of open telecom solutions and turnkey CORD solutions.

What are you showcasing at MWC?

Radisys will be showcasing a number of business use cases running on our OCP-inspired DCEngine platform, which enables CSPs to optimize resources in a CORD environment. Notably, we’ll be demonstrating the industry’s first Multi-Access CORD proof-of-concept solution. It demonstrates the convergence of wireline (OLT) and wireless (RAN) access technologies on the same platform.

We’ll also be showcasing an extensible RAN (xRAN) use case that allows CSPs to optimize scarce over-the-air resources by leveraging real-time data analytics of network conditions.

Why should people come see the demo?

The Multi-Access CORD use case is unique in the industry right now. It proves how the CORD architecture, by being agnostic to the access technology, can enable CSPs to leverage the same data center for both wireline (OLT) and wireless (RAN) access. CSPs can thereby deliver a higher quality experience to their subscribers with one open architecture, while also bringing cloud data center economics and agility to the Central Office.

For the xRAN use case, attendees will see how this software-based approach to RAN reduces overall complexity and costs, while also allowing CSPs to rapidly respond to users and roll-out new innovative 5G services.

What do you hope people will learn about your company and CORD?

Systems integration is one of our fastest growing lines of business. As a CORD partner and premier systems integrator, Radisys’ Professional Services has the expertise to deliver the Multi-Access CORD PoC, along with turnkey solutions for residential (R-CORD) and mobile (M-CORD) built with open source hardware and software from multiple vendors. Our custom development services also allow us to meet each communications service provider’s unique requirements. CORD has the power to truly transform CSPs’ Central Offices and usher in the new open era for telecom. Radisys has the open telecom solutions, and track record, to help make their Central Office transformations successful.

To walk through Radisys’ hands-on technical demonstration, visit Hall North Stand N.332 from September 12-14, 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Timon SloaneVP, Marketing & Ecosystem
Timon Sloane is the vice president of marketing and ecosystem of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). He leads the organization’s efforts building an open source ecosystem, thus helping to enable broad transformation of the networking industry through the adoption open source business practices.