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SDN & OpenFlow. World Impact.

Oct 14, 2013

Attending SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress? Dan Pitt talks about what to expect at the Layer123 and ONF co-hosted event.

The theme of the upcoming SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress on Oct. 15-18 in Frankfurt is all about realizing the potential of Software-Defined Networking (SDN). The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is co-hosting this event, and representatives from numerous member companies will be attending, with many presenting their latest insights into the SDN movement.

As the market continues to mature, there has been a tremendous amount of industry dialogue on the business case for SDN.  The first day of the event will include an ONF Workshop, organized by our Market Education Committee (MEC), to highlight the business case for SDN from the perspective of end-users, analysts, and visionaries. Organizations of all sizes can learn much about the potential impact of SDN on their own networks through the shared experiences of the workshop hosts.

The business impact of SDN will also be an important theme during the event’s main session on October 16. ONF will present three keynote speeches during the event, including my co-host keynote at 9:15 a.m. on “SDN and Network Virtualization: A New Platform for Business Innovators.” In this presentation, I will address why SDN, built with a solid OpenFlow® foundation, is such a fundamental element for network operators and users, demonstrating the reality and value of SDN through tangible investments. I will also outline ONF’s next steps in accelerating the adoption of open SDN.

In addition to my co-host keynote, Axel Clauberg, member of the ONF Board of Directors, will present the host operator keynote at 9:30 a.m. titled, “Business Drivers and Next Steps for SDN and NFV in DT’s TeraStream.” Yukio Ito, another board member, will present a keynote at 11:50 a.m. titled, “Next Steps in the SDN/OpenFlow® Network Innovation.”

Throughout the event, ONF representatives will participate on panels and sessions addressing numerous SDN-related topics, including ONF Working Group updates, the potential of SDN, and the advancement of the carrier vision of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). More information about these and other sessions can be found on the event agenda.

We’re looking forward to the discussions set to take place next week in Frankfurt, and I hope to see you at the event!

- Dan Pitt, Executive Director

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