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SDN: Show and Tell

Oct 3, 2016
Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer About the author

Rick Bauer shares insight on what to expect at this year’s SDN Solutions Showcase.

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The SDN Solutions Showcase, held at the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, is just around the corner. We are expecting to see some great SDN demos, with six ONF member companies, and five OpenSourceSDN.org projects, participating in this year’s showcase.

If you’re attending the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress next week, make sure to use your SDN Solutions Showcase passport to help you navigate the exhibit floor and see all the great SDN demos. This year’s SDN Solutions Showcase will feature demonstrations from Brain4Net, CORSA, EANTC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NoviFlow, and Spirent. Additionally, the showcase will highlight five of OpenSourceSDN.org projects, including Atrium, Delta, iSDX, and Faucet. The SDN Solutions Showcase passport will guide attendees to ensure they don’t miss a demo in the showcase. Be sure to pick up a sticker at each demo location for a chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card!

The showcase participants will be looking to wow our “Congress Stage Spotlight” judges, as well as you! That’s right, while we have a traditional panel for the “Congress Stage Spotlight” award, the attendees are the ones who will be judging for the “Best in Showcase.” Attendees will vote for their favorite demo of the showcase on their passports and turned in at the ONF booth.  The participant who wins “Best in Showcase” will be presented with a plaque on the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress stage.

The two participants who impress the “Congress Stage Spotlight” panel of judges, (Marc LeClerc, Bithika Khargharia, Shweta Latawa, Alex Zhang, Judy Zhu, Shahar Steiff, Levi Perigo, Inder Monga, Antonio de la Oliva Delgado, and myself) will be given time on the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress stage to present their SDN demo to the entire congress audience.

We look forward to seeing you all at the SDN Solutions Showcase, at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, next week in The Hague!

- Rick Bauer, Interim Executive Director

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Rick Bauer