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Stratum v21.10 Released, Enabling SD-Fabric and Aether

Nov 8, 2021
Brian O'Connor
Brian O'Connor About the author

ONF is pleased to announce release 2021-10-09 of Stratum (or 21.10 for short). This release contains several new features and fixes for Stratum's Intel® Tofino™ target; stratum_bfrt is now the default and recommended target for Tofino users. This release makes debugging easier on all Stratum targets by stamping version information into binaries when they are compiled and logging that information on Stratum startup. It also contains first time contributions from Pier Luigi Ventre.

Stratum v21.10 is part of the recent SD-Fabric 1.0 release. SD-Fabric is an open source, fully P4-programmable hybrid cloud network fabric that is an integral element of the Aether open source 5G Connected Edge platform.

The following hardware targets have been certified by ONF's Continuous Certification Program for the Stratum v21.10 release and will continue to be re-verified on a daily basis against the most recent version of the software. Details about these products can be viewed in the ONF Marketplace:

  • APS Networks BF2556X-1T
  • APS Networks BF6064X-T
  • Edgecore AS7712-32X
  • Edgecore Wedge100BF-32X

Pre-built Docker images and Debian packages, along with a more extensive change list, can be accessed on the Stratum 2021-10-09 release page.

Call for Core Contributors

We are looking for new core contributors to step up from our community. A core contributor is someone who has climbed the developer learning curve through at least one or two significant contributions to the project, or through several smaller contributions. Core contributors also take on responsibility for the contributions of others through design/code review and dialog with authors. Ultimately, we would like to add at least a few new core contributors by the end of this year. Becoming a core contributor raises your visibility to the project community and is a great step towards further growth opportunities in the project (e.g. becoming a TST member).

If you would like to become a core contributor or explore other ways you can contribute to the Stratum community, please reach out to Ain Indermitte and Brian O'Connor.


 Intel, the Intel logo, and Tofino are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

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Brian O'Connor
Brian works on open source SDN platforms at the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). He is currently serving as the technical lead for the Stratum project and is a member of the ONOS project’s technical steering team. Brian received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University, where his academic focus spanned theory, systems, and computer networking. Out of the office, Brian enjoys staying active on his bike, on the slopes, and in the pool.