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Welcome, Bithika.

May 12, 2015

ONF welcomes Extreme Networks’ Bithika Khargharia as the director of product and community management. 

In February, ONF launched OpenSourceSDN.org, a community to develop open source solutions for SDN network operators. The launch of the site underscored the foundation’s commitment to the ongoing commercialization of open source software worldwide. We are pleased to announce that we have found the perfect person to take on the role of community manager to work alongside our Software Leadership Council (SLC) in the management and governance of this community. Welcome Bithika Khargharia, ONF’s new director of product and community management.

Bithika brings with her over 20 years of vast networking industry experience, including product development, product management, open source software, and community management. Her experience in the networking industry will surely have a positive impact on our open source software efforts.

As the Director of Product and Community Management, Bithika will work closely with the SLC, ensuring that projects are running smoothly; assist in the development of new open source software projects; and help in the establishment of events and activities to drive the creation and adoption of open source software for SDN. She will also serve as the community liaison between the OpenSourceSDN.org site, working closely to cultivate partners contributing to projects and in driving market requirements into our development plans.

Bithika earned her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona, where she developed a novel adaptive interleaving technique for data center server memory that demonstrated a 44.3 percent improvement on energy-efficiency over existing technologies. Since then, Bithika has gained two decades of technology research and development experience that has focused on energy-efficient computing; server, network and large-scale data center architectures; distributed (grid) computing; autonomic computing; and SDN, all of which will be invaluable to ONF’s future success.

We are thankful to Extreme Networks for lending Bithika’s time to fulfill this role. We look forward to working with her, and I’m excited about the contributions she will make to our open source software efforts. Welcome to the team, Bithika!

- Dan Pitt, Executive Director

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Dan Pitt