MPLS SDN World Congress & The NFV & SDN Summit 2015

March 17-20, 2015 | Paris, France


MPLS SDN World Congress and The NFV & SDN Summit 2015 raises the question – standards or open source? The 17th edition of MPLS SDN World, together with the fourth edition of the NFV & SDN Summit, to be held in Paris in March 2015, gathers more than 1500 participants and more than 65 countries will be represented. The profile of the Congress delegates demonstrates a growing internationalization and a strong presence of service providers. Representatives from the EU were 50 %, followed by North America (15%), Russia (13%) and Middle East (9%). With carriers coming from more than 65 countries, the NFV & SDN Summit and the MPLS SDN World Congress is the first international event in this realm.