NetEvents EMEA Press Spotlight on the Cloud

September 25-26, 2013 / Cote d’Azur, France

NetEvents logoCloud is one of today’s hottest topics and it’s a real challenge to keep abreast of developments in this fast evolving arena. You can spend valuable time on research, you can call in expertise and yet not be sure how impartial and up to date their advice is…

Or you can spend a couple of days with your peers in a comfortable, focused setting putting across your views and hearing the latest updates in the company of the industry’s top media and analysts from right across the EMEA region.

Yes, it’s the highly successful NetEvents formula – but shortened to a focused ‘spotlight’ on one key area – ‘The Cloud.’ From Datacentre technologies to new Cloud services for the enterprise – taking in public, hybrid and private Cloud plus automation, orchestration, interconnect and security challenges and looking to the future, studying the impact of SDN and other new developments.