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ONF Holds Its First Test Event

Apr 25, 2012
Dan Pitt
Dan Pitt About the author

Last month, the Open Networking Foundation had its first ever interoperability test event for OpenFlow® v1.0 at the Ixia iSimCity lab in Santa Clara, CA. The goal of the “Plug Fest” was to make sure that various vendor implementations of the OpenFlow® protocol work together to ensure success for commercial deployments. More than a dozen organizations – representing switches, controllers, and even a flowvisor – attended the event, which was hosted by the ONF Testing & Interoperability Working Group, By showing that different industry components work together, customers will have greater confidence to build out networks based on the OpenFlow® protocol, using a variety of suppliers.

Check out this video for a window into the event, our participating member companies, and ONF’s role in furthering Software-Defined-Networking and the utility of the OpenFlow® protocol standard.

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Dan Pitt