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Our Royal Baby Turns One!

Jul 22, 2014
Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer About the author

Conformance Testing Birthday

Join us as we celebrate the OpenFlow® Conformance Testing Program’s first birthday

Dear Prince George,

I’m sure your upcoming birthday party is going to be quite the high-society affair, but we were hoping you might join us as we celebrate our royal baby’s first year. That’s right – the ONF OpenFlow® Conformance Testing Program is turning one!

We’re just thrilled with how fast the program is growing, and today we’ve announced the addition of two new testing labs serving the global SDN community. China Telecommunication Technology Labs  (CTTL), hosted by the China Academy of Telecommunication Research (CATR) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and the Network Benchmarking Lab (NBL), co-hosted by National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), are now ONF-accredited labs for testing compliance with the OpenFlow® specification. And they are in regal company alongside our four previously announced testing labs.

As the program moves into its toddler years, it’s important to us that it receive the appropriate amount of attention and discipline. To assist us in our royal duties, we’ve taken on a “nanny” of sorts. ONF’s Testing Leadership Council offers guidance on the organization’s testing activities, and it is comprised of representatives from ONF-accredited testing labs and member companies involved in testing for ONF-approved protocols and standards. The council is led by Chair Erica Johnson (director of the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab [UNH-IOL] and ONF Research Associate) and Vice Chair Paul To (director of SDN and Cloud at Spirent Communications). A very welcome addition to the ONF royal court!

Prince George, we think it’s wonderful that you are encouraging guests to donate gifts to charity. We like to think that we’re giving back as well – but in our case, to the SDN end-user community. We encourage companies to continue submitting their SDN products to demonstrate conformance to the OpenFlow® specification.

It has been such an exciting year, and we look forward to all the milestones ahead for the program. As we celebrate this past year, we also want to thank the SDN community for its support – it truly takes a village!

No need to RSVP, Prince George. I’m sure you’ll be there.

- Rick Bauer, Technical Program Manager

P.S.: We’ve heard some rumors lately from across the pond that you may have a sibling on the way. There’s a bun weighing 1.3 tons in the ONF oven, and it will prove to be an excellent addition to our family. Exciting changes are ahead!

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