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#SDNShowcase: Enterprise and Testing

Jun 11, 2015
Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer About the author

Offering insight into the Enterprise SDN and SDN Testing demo categories during the SDN Solutions Showcase at ONS.

This is the third and final post in our ONS2015 SDN Solutions Showcase series, giving ONF blog readers a sneak peek at the use-case demonstrations they’ll expect to find at the upcoming event. To learn about the Carrier WAN and NFV categories, click here. More information about the Security and Data Center categories can be found here.

Mainstream adoption of SDN and network testing are closely related. If you’ve been following or participating in ONF for a while, I’m sure you’re well aware of our primary focus – to accelerate the adoption of open SDN. And as our Migration Working Group has argued, for an SDN deployment to run smoothly, performance testing must be involved. During the SDN Solutions Showcase, several companies will demo the work that they are doing in the Enterprise SDN and SDN Testing categories.

A majority of U.S. businesses are preparing to implement SDN products in the data center by 2017 in order to reduce networking costs. The Enterprise SDN category at the SDN Solutions Showcase will feature SDN solutions deployed to address major pain points in the enterprise—the management of Wi-Fi demand, and the provisioning and QoS management of VoIP solutions using the inherent power of SDN. Companies participating will include NEC and Tallac.

Understanding, deploying, and managing SDN in today’s networks give more control to network operators, and open up new ways to understand and manage network performance. Along with these opportunities, understanding how to measure performance and debug applications becomes even more paramount. SDN Testing demos at ONS from Spirent and Flowgrammable will share unique solutions to developing insight into network performance in SDN environments.

These blog posts from our showcase series have hopefully given you a taste of what to expect during ONS, but there is much more to learn and enjoy in person. We hope you’ll take some time to walk through the ONF and ONS SDN Solutions Showcase, which will be held on the ONS Expo Floor from June 16-18.

- Rick Bauer, Director of Technical Programs

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