April 18, 2013

ONF recognized several outstanding contributors at its Member Workday on April 18, 2013.

david meyerDavid Meyer (Brocade), outgoing Vice Chair of Forwarding Abstractions Working Group, received a Certificate of Appreciation for his service.


shivaram mysoreShivaram Mysore (InfoBlox) received two ONF awards! One, for his Outstanding Initiative in the Testing-Interop Working Group and another for his Outstanding Technical Contribution in the Configuration and Management Working Group (CMWG).

As a strong contributor to the Testing-Interop Working Group, Shivaram took on leading efforts around testing OF-Config, and even produced a test plan document. He also engaged on the testing of TTPs and helped to bridge information between various working groups.

Shivaram has been making excellent technical contributions to several areas of OAM and security in CMWG. Leveraging development experience from Infoblox’s flowforwarding effort, Shivaram has led the development of security proposal in CMWG. He has been contributing actively to development of notification framework. He has also represented CMWG in testing/interop effectively by driving testing of flowforwarding switch’s implementation of OF-Config. Shivaram brings unique technical insight and broad perspective on several challenging areas in SDN.

Shaji Nathan (IP Infusion) received an award as Outstanding Technical Contributor to the Market Education Committee (MEC). Shaji was recognized for outstanding accomplishments to the MEC Solution Briefs currently under development. Shaji is the only individual to contribute to all three Solution Brief project teams – Data Center, Enterprise/Campus, and Carrier/WAN – demonstrating strong technology leadership and pragmatic understanding of real-world use cases. For the Data Center team, Shaji provided the backdrop for the entire Security Solution Brief and defined the example use case that was adopted (Adaptive Malware Quarantine (AMQ)). He also contributed to the front-end section of the draft Network Virtualization Solution Brief for the Enterprise/Campus team and the Wireless Network Controller use case featured in the Mobile and Wireless Networks draft Solution Brief. Shaji is a tireless reviewer and always willing to devote time to explaining complex technologies and use cases, offering clear and concise insights across his broad base of experience.

juergen quittekJuergen Quittek (NEC), outgoing Vice Chair of Configuration & Management Working Group, received a Certificate of Appreciation for his service.


johann tonsingJohann Tonsing (Netronome) received an award for Outstanding Initiative for his work within the Architecture and Framework Working Group (AFWG). Johann dedicated significant time and effort toward the success of the AFWG and the documents still under construction. He provided use cases and concepts for discussion, performed technology research and survey, and produced significant document content while serving as editor. He further contributed the infrastructure for the document collaboration and graciously hosted many meeting days at the Netronome offices.