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Comcast has Achieved Production Roll-out of Trellis Open Source Networking Fabric

Advanced open source SDN network delivers industry leading flexibility
and efficiency

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept 13, 2019 - The ONF today announced that Comcast has
reached production roll-out of the Trellis Open Source Network Fabric
as part of Comcast’s Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) buildout.

Comcast has
successfully deployed Trellis in multiple markets, and rollouts are
accelerating.   By using Trellis, Comcast
is delivering improved network scalability and greatly enhanced space and power
facility efficiencies in their head-ends. 
Open source and a white box based ethernet backhaul is integral to
Comcast’s next generation access strategy, and Trellis plays a central and
essential role in this architecture.  The
DAA specification calls for an ethernet-based Converged Interconnect Network (CIN),
and Comcast is using Trellis in this CIN role.  

ONF’s Trellis
is the leading open-source, SDN based, multi-purpose spine-leaf switching
fabric supporting distributed access-and-edge networks, NFV and edge cloud
applications. Trellis leverages the ONOS® open source SDN controller, the
OpenFlow® protocol and white box switches to create a scalable, resilient, cost
effective networking fabric. 

implementations are significantly simpler and more adaptable than a
conventional network that relies on embedded routing and switching protocols
running on each individual switch. For example, instead of having to configure
and run distributed multicast routing protocols, intelligence is centralized in
Trellis and run in a cloud-native fashion on a resilient cluster of standard
compute nodes.  This makes network
design, deployment, debug and upgrades much simpler, while minimizing network
complexity and cost.

collaboration with the ONF and a team of supply chain vendors, Comcast is
deploying the open source Trellis platform as the networking fabric in our next
generation access network,” said Elad
Nafshi, Senior Vice President, Next Generation Access Networks, Comcast
.  “This has been a multiple year journey from
design, to extensive field trails and finally to production rollout, and we’re
impressed with the results and the advantages that using open source and
Trellis are delivering for us as we upgrade our access network.”

“The open source ecosystem created by ONF has
collectively established a new ‘Distributed DevOps’ model through the process
of trialing, hardening and deploying Trellis with Comcast.  This has established a new formula for open
source whereby an operator, ONF and a consortium of commercial entities come
together to collectively build and stand behind a deployment,” said Saurav Das, Vice President of Engineering for the ONF.

About the
Open Networking Foundation:

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is an operator
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Media Contact:
Greg Cross
PR for the ONF