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Open Networking Foundation to Present Keynote and Host Workshop at Layer123 SDN and OpenFlow® APAC Congress

ONF to Address the Impact and Value of Software-Defined Networking and the OpenFlow® Protocol

Singapore – June 3, 2013

WHO: The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) Executive Director Dan Pitt will co-host and present a keynote session entitled, “The Networking Revolution: SDN, OpenFlow, and ONF” at Layer123 SDN and OpenFlow® APAC Congress. ONF will also offer an SDN and OpenFlow® workshop at the Congress, during which Pitt will present another keynote, “Software-Defined Networking and OpenFlow® – Vision and Progress.”

Marc Cohn, chair of the ONF Market Education Committee Working Group, and Justin Dustzadeh, chair of the ONF Migration Working Group, will both present ONF Working Group updates during the Congress.

Pitt will also offer closing remarks on opening day of the Congress, and will participate in the event’s Lunchtime Debating Tables.

WHEN: ONF’s SDN and OpenFlow® workshop will take place on June 4 at 9 a.m. – 3:15 p.m. SGT. Pitt’s workshop keynote is scheduled at 9:15 – 9:45 a.m. SGT.

Pitt’s Congress keynote will be presented on June 5 at 9:20 – 9:35 a.m. SGT, and Pitt’s closing remarks will take place June 5 at 5:55 p.m. SGT. Lunchtime Debating Tables will take place on June 5 – 6 at 1:05 p.m. SGT.

ONF Working Group updates will be presented by Cohn and Dustzadeh on June 5 at 3:20 – 3:40 p.m. SGT and on June 6 at 4:10 – 4:30 p.m. SGT.

WHERE: The workshop and presentations will be held at the Concorde Hotel Singapore during Layer123 SDN and OpenFlow® APAC Congress.

WHAT: During his keynote, Pitt will address why SDN is such a fundamental element for network operators and users, emphasizing how the OpenFlow® protocol is an essential cornerstone enabling customer value. He will also demonstrate the reality and value of SDN through tangible investments in commercial products and services, and will conclude by outlining next steps for ONF to successfully lead the SDN revolution.

ONF’s SDN and OpenFlow® workshop will discuss applications, opportunities, and development, highlighting the business case for SDN. Relevant use cases to the Asia Pacific region will be presented, and key systems topics will be addressed to provide a broad perspective on SDN. Pitt’s keynote during this workshop will provide an overview of ONF, OpenFlow-based SDN, relevant industry terminology, and standard bodies’ relationships with the organization.

Cohn and Dustzadeh will discuss numerous ONF Working Groups during their two Working Group Update sessions. They will highlight the objectives and accomplishments of the eight ONF Working Groups, underscoring efforts made by each group to accelerate the SDN revolution.

Media or analysts interested in one-on-one meetings at Layer123 SDN and OpenFlow® APAC Congress with ONF Executive Director Dan Pitt should contact Raquel Prieto at RaquelPrieto@mcgrathpower.com.

About ONF
Launched in 2011 by Deutsche Telekom, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, and Yahoo!, the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a growing nonprofit organization with more than 90 members whose mission is to advance the commercialization and use of SDN and the OpenFlow® protocol. ONF will accelerate the delivery and use of SDN and OpenFlow® technologies and standards while fostering a vibrant market of products, services, applications, customers, and users. For further details visit the ONF website at: https://onfstaging1.opennetworking.org.