SDN Solutions Showcase @ ONS 2015

With 19 demos in six key SDN categories, including Carrier WAN, Data Center, NFV, Security, Testing and Enterprise, the SDN Solutions Showcase at ONS2015 featured real world SDN use cases in action on the ONS Expo floor. ONF would like to recognize and thank all participating member companies and their customers for a hugely successful event. See below for videos and presentations from the Solutions Showcase.

Themes & Demos


Carrier SDNWANCarrier/WAN SDN


Carrier SeamlessSeamless peering of SDN islands with IP (ONOS and SDN-IP)
Carrier MultilayerMulti-layer SDN control of packet and optical networks
Carrier Open TransportOpen Transport SDN Platform and APP Store
Carrier Multi VendorMulti-vendor IP & Optical orchestration based on Open SDN Architecture
Carrier AbstractionAbstraction and Scalability for Carrier Transport SDN



“Data CentersData Center SDN


DC SDN AtriumAtrium: SDN Distribution for Network Operators
DC SDN Data OrchestrationSDN Orchestration by Abstraction
DC SDN PRISMPRISM Edge — A new approach to data center gateway
DC SDN Rich NetworkRich Network Services based on SDN/NFV Model in a Federated Public Cloud



“Enterprise”Enterprise SDN


Enterprise TransformingTransforming how Service Providers deliver Networking-as-a-service to Enterprise customers using SDN and Cloud
Enterprise Assuring QualityAssuring Quality of Service for Real-Time applications using SDN





NFV ExploringExploring the Service/Orchestrator Interaction: Secure and dynamic deployment of services based on identity
NFV OrchestrationNFV Orchestration for SLA guaranteed services in Virtualized Data Center
NFV CORDCORD: Central Office Re-Architected as Data Center
NFV CORD OpenCORD: Open-source Leaf-Spine Fabric
NFV Hybrid LegacyHybrid Legacy SDN NFV Service Orchestration



“Security”SDN Security


SDN SecuritySDN-Based Denial of Service Attack Mitigation



TestingValidationSDN Testing & Validation


SDN FlowsimFlowsim — Accelerating Open SDN Advancements
SDN BenchmarkingBenchmarking the SDN Controller