SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress

Realizing the Potential of Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
Advancing the Carrier Vision of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
14-17 October 2014 | Düsseldorf, Germany

In its third year and following increasing success in both the SDN and OpenFlow® World Congress 2012 and 2013, we are looking forward to an even more rewarding event in October 2014. Join us for a comprehensive and history-making exploration of the complete SDN ecosystem at the third World Congress, co-hosted by Layer123 and the Open Networking Foundation.

ONF members are participating in an unprecedented manner—delivering tutorials, main-stage and panel discussions and presentations, and introducing the first-even ONF SDN Solutions Showcase. Witness 25 companies (along with their partners and customers) display, describe, and demonstrate working SDN solutions that are solving real business challenges in the world today.

Why this event is worth your time and investment:

  • Be the first to witness demos of SDN, OpenFlow, and NFV solutions and first applications at the ground-breaking NFV World Showcase and the ONF SDN Solutions Showcase.
  • Join 25+ ONF member companies showing real SDN, real solutions, with real partners. At long last, the punditry that “SDN may be real, but it’s not ready for production environments” will be finally put to rest!
  • Gain first-hand insights into the first use cases in Carrier Network, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Enterprise contexts from the senior network strategists driving SDN and NFV initiatives.
  • Discover how and why Carriers are driving NFV — meet the individual leaders and activists behind this important industry transition. An entire theme at the ONF SDN Solutions Showcase is dedicated to Carriers SDN & WAN technologies.
  • Hear the strategic product roadmaps of leading vendors — how will SDN be incorporated into existing platforms and new generation networking tools?
  • Learn how to implement and build new network applications using SDN, NFV and OpenFlow.
  • Consider the impact of SDN on network architecture and integration of applications and control plane functions.
  • Find out how enterprises may benefit from SDN at the first Enterprise SDN Forum.

ONF has secured preferred registration pricing for all current ONF members. More information will be coming to secure your registration at this preferred rate.