ONF SDN Solutions Showcase 2014

Demonstrating Real-World Solutions to Business Challenges

ONF is hosting the first-ever SDN Solutions Showcase, to be held in conjunction with Layer123’s SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress event, October 14-17, in Düsseldorf, Germany. As a part of this globally significant event, ONF is sponsoring a series of presentations featuring actual, shipping SDN solutions that address a key business or networking challenge. Presentations will feature ONF member companies and their customers or partners, showing real-world ways that they have leveraged SDN and OpenFlow® for greater success, streamlined deployment, or greater network utilization. The focus of the demonstrations is to show products and services that can be immediately purchased and implemented that will help end-users to tap into the power of SDN.

Download Presentations Now: Starting on Wednesday, October 15, all presentations for the ONF SDN Solutions Showcase will be available for download. Simply click on the theme and scroll to the particular ONF member company, and underneath the description you’ll find a download link. Enjoy!

See photos of the ONF Solutions Showcase and watch the infrastructure get built:
SDN Solutions Showcase Photos
SDN Solutions Showcase Videos

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Themes & Demos

Rather than be sorted by a simple listing of companies, the demonstrations are arranged by themes. Learn more about the themes and meet the participants and their demonstrations:

Data Center SDN.
Solutions that can be deployed to manage issues confronting data center managers — latency, manageability, multi-tenancy, ease of deployment, integration into existing frameworks like OpenStack™ and others.

Carrier/WAN SDN.
Find out how SDN is revolutionizing the way that global telecom carriers provide services. From easier deployment, greater flexibility, improved efficiency, and greater economies of scale, SDN is changing the way “the phone company” works.

Campus SDN.
What typical challenges that IT organizations face can be solved through SDN and OpenFlow? Discover ways that innovative companies, partnering with ONF demo presenters, are solving issues like device complexity, network and Wi-Fi management and security, and other difficulties.
SDN Testing & Validation.
How do you know your SDN solution is effective? Can you validate a specific networking performance to accurately gauge the solution? What about defining performance benchmarks? How can you trust that a vendor’s OpenFlow® solution conforms to the OpenFlow® 1.3 specification? SDN Testing & Validation theme will feature testing services that SDN companies and customers worldwide are already employing to validate their networks.


ONF SDN Solutions Showcase Infrastructure Sponsors

Infrastructure-SponsorsSupporting the entire technology demonstration are the ONF SDN Solutions Showcase Infrastructure Team, composed of hard-working volunteers from leading ONF companies around the world. With the support of Germany’s EANTC organization (which will be providing technical and logistical support throughout the event), these companies are designing and deploying a technical infrastructure that will allow nearly 30 separate technology demonstrations to take place flawlessly. Can they make it? Check the Infrastructure Sponsor page to find out their plans, recognize their contributions, and watch as they blog in real time about designing and deploying SDN in a real-world way. Learn more about these valuable infrastructure providers and discover how they do their magic.


SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress

With over 1300 delegates forecast in 2014, the SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress is Europe’s largest, dedicated forum addressing the rapidly emerging markets of Software-Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Uniquely Co-hosted by the Open Networking Foundation, and Host Operator Deutsche Telekom (and ONF Board Member company), this is the global industry’s meeting place to discover, debate and develop the full potential of SDN and NFV, face-to-face in the heart of Europe.

Special registration rates for ONF members are available (need info here). Hotel space is quickly being reserved, so you will want to make your plans as soon as possible. For more information, please visit the SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress event page.