SDN Solutions Showcase 2015


Real SDN, Real Customers, Real Solutions

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The first-ever SDN Solutions Showcase, sponsored by ONF, debuted at the SDN & OpenFlow® World Congress in 2014. Following the huge success of that event, and the recently concluded Solutions Showcase at the Open Networking Summit, we are thrilled to announce our next SDN Solutions Showcase.

Featuring a vast array of real world solutions with real customers, this showcase will focus on the following themes:

Themes & Demos


opensourceasterisk  These demos feature open source SDN software


Carrier SDNWANCarrier/WAN SDN


participant kt

Commercially Deployed Transport SDN Platform in Action  opensourceasterisk



participant carrier huawei

Programmable SDN Algorithm Engine – Flow Engine



participant nfv corsa

Large Data Set Transfer with SDN Metering and QoS (Quality of Service)



participant security noviflow

SDN-based Disaster Recovery as a Service



participant security noviflow

L2 VLAN over MPLS using SDN for Brownfield Networks



participant carrier sedona

Multi-vendor IP and Optical Control for Service-provider Core Networks  opensourceasterisk



participant adva

Live Analysis of Video Feeds Using Edge NFV – New Business Services with NFV for the IoT



participant carrier onos

SDN-IP Peering. A Global SDN Deployment  opensourceasterisk



participant testing brocade

Brocade Flow Optimizer



“Data Centers

Data Center SDN


participants cengn

Multi-Site Multi-Domain Data Center Capacity Management



participant kemp

KEMP Active Path SDN Adaptive Quality of Service



participant carrier onos

Multilayer SDN Control of Packet and Optical Networks  opensourceasterisk



CampusSDNCampus SDN


participant carrier onf

Atrium: An SDN-based Open Source BGP Peering Router  opensourceasterisk



participant carrier onf

Migration from a Legacy BGP-based Network Edge to OpenFlow-based “SDN-ized” Network Edge



participant carrier onf

Aspen: Real-Time Media Interface Specification  opensourceasterisk



participant carrier onf

Boulder: Intent Based NBI  opensourceasterisk



TestingValidationSDN Testing & Validation


participant test spirent

Benchmarking the SDN Switch





participant carrier onos

Central Office Re-architected as Datacenter (CORD)



participant nfv luxoft

Integrating NFV Orchestration with OpenVIM opensourceasterisk



partcipant datacenter freescale

OPNFV on ARM Reference Platform



participants cengn

NFV-based LTE Core in the Cloud


opensourceasterisk  These demos feature open source SDN software