LuxoftVirtual OpenFlow® SDN Test Lab
As service providers and enterprises evaluate migration to OpenFlow® SDN, comparing different openflow switch products available in the market is of paramount importance for lab trials and production deployments. At ONF’s very first solution showcase, Luxoft, a worldwide leader in software and services market, will demonstrate proof of concept of a virtual OpenFlow® SDN test lab that will compare and contrast OpenFlow® conformance and performance of a variety of open source virtual switches such as Open Virtual Switch(OVS), LINC and Floodlight Indigo. Twister open source test execution platform will be used to automate OpenFlow® v1.3 basic and extended conformance tests and vSwitch flow table capacity, flow-mod and throughput performance tests. Luxoft’s SuperCloud orchestration platform will be used to build virtual OpenFlow® SDN lab topology consisting of Ryu open source controller and various OpenFlow® switches. See you at the demo!

Luxoft demo slide presentation