Why Attend?

The world’s leading operators host this one-of-its-kind event to showcase how open source solutions are transforming their networks and discuss their plans to drive cloud, mobile, edge data center & open source initiatives.Attend to learn more about how major operators are collaboratively specifying and deploying common platforms leveraging open source solutions.

ONF Connect will bring together industry luminaries and open source community experts along with technical/operational/product leadership and developer communities to collaborate on networking solutions across exciting tracks including

Edge Cloud – Driving the transformation of the network edge, predictions are that this market will emulate today’s public cloud, making this one of the most important emerging transformations of our time. You will learn more about the Multi-Access edge cloud, ONF’s effort to bring broadband (software defined wireline) and mobile wireless access together as a base platform to support a new class of application defined as a service-mesh that can run in a multi-cloud environment.

Broadband Access – To support gigabit bandwidth demands and 5G wireless backhaul, operators are embracing a new approach to build infrastructure and services with SDN, NFV and cloudification leveraging disaggregation, white boxes and open source.Learn about operators plans for trialing and deploying SEBA, a platform integrating a variety of white box hardware (ONUs & OLTs) and open source software into a powerful and easy to consumer platform.

Next-Gen SDN – Delivering true network programmability with zero touch configuration and management, enabling operators’ complete control of their networks. Leveraging P4, P4Runtime, OpenConfig/gNMI and gNOI, NG-SDN is now truly delivering on the ‘software defined’ promise of SDN for future transformation, new applications and unprecedented levels of new value creation.

Mobile & 5G – 5G will be one of the biggest transformation of operators’ networks and services. Get insights into mobile core and virtualized RAN projects that will impact future mobile networks worldwide. Learn more about disaggregation and virtualization of EPC, end-to-end slicing of RAN and EPC, multi-level closed loop control with global orchestrators such as ONAP, and combining these capabilities into a single platform

Ecosystem & Marketplace – Never before have network operators joined together to collaborate in their pursuit of building next-generation networks.  Learn more about operator’s plans, how you can benefit from the open source & white box movement, and meet with operators and the extended supply chain to help get you started on this journey.