Business Leader *$1,295
Business Leader + Tutorial *$1,545
Developer *$1,295
Developer + Tutorial *$1,545
Academic + Tutorial$1,545
Tutorial Only (Tuesday)$500
Day Pass$695

* Use discount code "ONF" if you belong to an ONF member company to receive $100 off the full ticket prices. Academics and Tutorials are excluded.

NOTE: Business Leader and Developer tickets both grant access to all content. Your ticket classification will help us guide you towards the tracks & sessions that we think will be of the greatest value for you.

For all pricing and registration questions, please email

About ONF Connect Pricing

ONF Connect is a community event created to support our open source ecosystem. Our goal is not to make a profit from the event. We try to keep ticket prices to a minimum to make it as easy as possible to attend. Last year ONF lost money on the event (see P&L summary below), yet we are holding prices steady this year. Furthermore, we do not provide ‘pay-for-play’ speaking opportunities. Our goal is to prioritize quality over profit, and we greatly appreciate your ticket purchase as a way to help offset the considerable expense of hosting the event.

ONF Connect 2018: Revenue & Expenses
REVENUETickets and Sponsorships$283,840
Hotel: Space & Food & Beverage$173,000
Marketing + PR$14,174
A/V + General Contractor + Internet$133,868
Event Management + Registration + Logistics$76,000
NET LOSS-$113,202

Furthermore, this P&L statement does not account for the ONF staff and engineering team who dedicate themselves to helping to produce and participate in the event. ONF’s total out-of-pocket investment in ONF Connect is likely closer to $500k in total.