The SDN movement, first initiated by the ONF, has led to the disaggregation of networking devices and control software and has facilitated the emergence of a broad range of open source platforms. Now, the industry needs an effort to build solutions out of the various disaggregated components.

The ONF helps member companies navigate this complexity by providing the open source platform that pulls together the building blocks for creating solutions. In addition, the ONF’s Open Innovation Pipeline presents an opportunity for each member company to plug their innovation into specific use cases at any stage of the pipeline and carry their solutions into operator PoCs, trials and deployment into production networks.

With a 200+ member community of operators, vendors and system integrators, the ONF is positioned for success to transform networks into agile platforms for service delivery and streamline network operations by leveraging the DevOps model with cloud, open source and whitebox efficiencies. Join us in this journey to transform networks and be a part of the next wave in the SDN revolution.

Membership Levels

ONF is funded solely through membership dues. Any organization that shares the goals of the ONF may join.

Industry thought leaders who wish to drive market disruption and influence strategic direction of the organization. Partners set the direction for the organization’s open source efforts, steer selection of use cases and provide guidance to help accelerate PoCs to deployment. By leveraging ONF’s deep relationship with operators, Partner members can ensure that their emerging architecture fits the needs of the market and achieve time-to-market advantage.

Partners are strong advocates of ONF’s open source efforts and are committed to furthering projects by providing funding and committing resources for development and deployment

Annual Dues: $500,000 with 2 Developers and 1 Software-defined Standards Professional

Companies that wish to remain on the leading edge of technology and innovation. Innovator members get insight into operator roadmaps and can leverage ONF’s Open Innovation Pipeline to achieve faster product traction into operator networks. 

ONF supports Innovators by providing training on platforms and use cases, guiding solution integration for use cases, providing access to emerging software-defined standards to ensure interoperability, offering IPR protection for members to benefit from community contributions and ensuring member visibility in the industry through marketing and PR efforts. 

Annual Dues: $30,000 with 1+Developer and 1 part-time Software-defined Standards Professional.
Innovator Membership Agreement

Start-up companies can join as an Innovator with annual dues of $1000 for the first two years following incorporation, $5000 for years 3-4 following incorporation, and on the 5th year regular dues of $30,000 apply.

ONF also welcomes a select group of academic thought leaders to participate as an Innovator free of charge.
To learn more, please visit our Research Associates page.

Project Participants

Companies and individuals may also participate in the ONF community by being invited to or volunteering to be part of specific open source projects. Current projects include ONOS, a software defined networking OS for service providers and CORD, an open source delivery platform that combines SDN, NFV, and elastic cloud services to network operators and service providers.  

Organizations can participate as a Collaborator to gain visibility into Operator use cases and to guide open source contributions. Collaborators dedicate resources to projects and play a key role by bringing new ideas to add value to the project and its community. Visit the Collaborator Guidelines Page for more information on the requirements and benefits of contributing to ONF open source projects. 

Commitment: 1+ Developer (or in-kind)

Individuals may participate in ONF open source projects without incurring any cost. Volunteers can contribute to any project and gain access to open source code and upstream contributions. For more information, please visit the ONOS or CORD project pages. 

Membership Levels and Benefits

membership levels

If you would like to become a member, please submit the form below. Once a company is a member of ONF, all employees of that company immediately receive all membership privileges.

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