SDN Product Directory

These are shipping SDN / OpenFlow® products as submitted by our member companies.
If you are a member and would like to add to this directory, please contact us.


Company NameProduct NameProduct Category
6WIND6WINDGate Networking SoftwareVirtual Switch & Router
A10 NetworksAX SeriesHardware Switch & Router
A10 NetworksAX SeriesLayer 4-7 Solutions
Active Broadband NetworksDynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM)SDN Controllers
ADVA Optical NetworkingFSP 3000Other
ADVA Optical NetworkingFSP 150Other
Alcatel-Lucent / Nuage NetworksVirtualized Services Platform (VSP)SDN Controllers
Alcatel-Lucent / Nuage NetworksVirtualized Services Platform (VSP)SDN Management Solutions
Beijing Internet Institute (BII)Testing LabOther
Big Switch NetworksBig Network ControllerSDN Controllers
Big Switch NetworksBig TapNetworking Test Equipment
Big Switch NetworksBig Virtual SwitchVirtual Switch & Router
Big Switch NetworksSwitch LightOther
BrocadeBrocade CER 2000 SeriesHardware Switch & Router
BrocadeBrocade CES 2000 SeriesHardware Switch & Router
BrocadeBrocade MLX SeriesHardware Switch & Router
BrocadeBrocade ADX Series with Application Resource Broker (ARB)Layer 4-7 Solutions
Centec Networks (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.GreatBelt (CTC5163)Silicon
Centec Networks (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.V330 OpenFlow® Switch Reference DesignHardware Switch & Router
CitrixNetScaler for SDXLayer 4-7 Virtual Appliances
Cyan, Inc.Blue PlanetSDN Orchestration System
Extreme NetworksBlackDiamond X8Hardware Switch & Router
Extreme NetworksBlackDiamond 8000 SeriesHardware Switch & Router
Extreme NetworksSummit X670Hardware Switch & Router
HPHP 5400 Switch SeriesHardware Switch & Router
HPHP 3800 Switch SeriesHardware Switch & Router
HPHP 3500 Switch SeriesHardware Switch & Router
HPHP 2920 Switch SeriesHardware Switch & Router
IBMIBM Programmable Network ControllerSDN Controllers
IBMIBM RackSwitch™ G8264THardware Switch & Router
InfineraDTN-XHardware Switch & Router
Infoblox / FlowForwardingLINCHardware Switch & Router 
Infoblox/ FlowForwardingLINCVirtual Switch & Router
Intune NetworksiVX8000Hardware Switch & Router
KEMP TechnologiesLoadMaster Virtual ADCLayer 4-7 Virtual Appliances
LancopeStealthWatch SystemOther
LSI CorporationAxxia Communication ProcessorsSilicon
LuxoftTwister OpenFlow® test automation frameworkOther
NECNEC ProgrammableFlow® Network Controller PF 6800SDN Controllers
NECNEC ProgrammableFlow® 1/10GbE Hybrid OpenFlow® Switch PF5240Hardware Switch & Router
NECNEC ProgrammableFlow® 10GbE OpenFlow® Switch PF5820Hardware Switch & Router
NECNEC ProgrammableFlow® PF1000 vSwitch for Windows Server 2012Virtual Switch & Router
NoviFlow inc.NoviWare 100Virtual Switch & Router
NoviFlow Inc.NoviKit 100Hardware Switch & Router
NTT DATAVirtual Network ControllerSDN Controllers
Pica8, Inc.Pica8 Open SwitchesHardware Switch & Router
PlexxiPlexxi Switch 1Hardware Switch & Router
PlexxiPlexxi ControlSDN Controllers
TallacSDN Consulting ServicesOther
TallacSDN EducationOther
TallacSoftware Defined MobilityOther
TekelecDiameter Signaling RouterSDN Management Solutions
TekelecPolicy ServerSDN Management Solutions
Turk Telekom / ArgelaYakamOSSDN Controllers
Turk Telekom / ArgelaYakamOSSDN Management Solutions
UbiqubeMSActivatorSDN Management Solutions