NEC ProgrammableFlow® PF1000 vSwitch for Windows Server 2012

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NEC ProgrammableFlow® PF1000 vSwitch for Windows Server 2012

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Virtual Switch & Router

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The NEC ProgrammableFlow PF1000 virtual switch for Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V environments delivers intelligent, unified, and open Software-Defined Networking for Hyper-V customers. With a centralized, single point of control for both physical and virtual networks, the PF1000 vSwitch, in conjunction with the NEC ProgrammableFlow controller offer best-in-class network management and control for Windows Server 2012. Key functionality includes: secure multi-tenancy supports rapid, easy virtual machine migration and accelerated scale-out of new applications; advanced network automation for VM mobility decreases costs and increases network agility, resource efficiency, reliability and availability; and the end-to-end network visibility provides new levels of control and flexibility.