The Architecture working group of the ONF (also known as ArchWG) seeks to understand how SDN principles apply across the entire problem space (telecommunications and cloud), integrate the various stakeholder interests and technical focus areas into a common high-level solution, and promote that solution in the community. 

*Formerly Architecture & Framework

CHAIR: Sibylle Schaller (NEC)
VICE-CHAIR: Stephen Shew (Ciena)

Resources & Publications

pdfOrchestration: A More Holistic View (January 2017 | TR-540)
pdfMapping Cross Stratum Orchestration (CSO) to the SDN Architecture (May 2016 | TR-528)
pdfApplying SDN Architecture to 5G Slicing (April 2016 | TR-526)
pdfCharter of Architecture Working Group (March 2016)
pdfSDN Architecture 1.1 (February 2016 | TR-521)
pdfArchitecture & Framework Charter 
pdfRelationship of SDN and NFV (October 2015)
pdfFramework for SDN: Scope and Requirements 1.0 (June 2015)
pdfSDN Architecture Overview 1.1 (November 2014) 
pdfSDN Architecture 1.0 (June 2014)