Fares Bagh – Freescale

fares_baghFares Bagh is Vice President of Global Research and Development for the Digital Networking group at Freescale. He is responsible for delivering Networking System on Chips (SoCs) ranging in complexity from single core to 24 cores. Prior to joining Freescale, Fares led the R&D team at Advent Solar, delivering strong results that led to the acquisition of the company by Applied Materials. He began his engineering career at Intel in 1992 as a design engineer working on 486 processors. At Intel, Fares delivered innovative, market leading cellular and application processors to high-volume mobile applications building a “ground up” business for Intel that was acquired by Marvell. Prior to Intel, Fares served as U.S. Marine officer. He earned a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987.