Phillip Porras – Program Director, Computer Science Labortory, SRI International

phillip.porrasPhil Porras is a Program Director and leader of SRI’s Internet Security Group in the Computer Science Laboratory and a Fellow at SRI International. He has been a Principal Investigator for many research projects sponsored by DARPA, DoD, DHS, NSF, NSA, commercial customers, and others. Phil has led multi-organizational large-scale projects with mixed academic and commercial collaborators, led many advanced research projects, and has been highly productive in acquiring government, military, and commercial projects involving Cyber Security R&D. He is an active researcher, publishing and conducting technology development in intrusion detection, alarm correlation, malware analysis, active networks, and wireless security. Phil’s reputation in the computing community as a premier malware analyst has gained widespread media coverage, especially for his role in the global effort to deal with the Conficker computer worm. He has participated on numerous program committees and editorial boards, has spawned multiple startup companies with his research results, and a participant of multiple commercial company technical advisory boards. Phil holds 12 (a dozen) U.S. patents, and have been awarded Best Paper honors in 1995, 1999, and 2008.