Dr. Andrew Moore – Reader in Systems, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Dr. Andrew Moore Dr. Moore is the Reader in Systems at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Dr. Moore leads a team within the Systems Research Group working on reconfigurable network, and contributes over two decades experience working on networked-systems monitoring, characterization and emulation. Recent work, has focused on flexible hardware/software approaches based upon NetFPGA and Openflow; this has included taking over stewardship of the NetFPGA project and heading a team designing a new NetFPGA platform capable of 100GbE. Dr. Moore recently published the first open-source OpenFlow switch hardware that implements consistent updates (critical for eliminating unintended information leakage). In his role Research Advisor to ENISA, the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security, he is keen to direct the SDN secure networking agenda. Dr. Moore has had a wide portfolio of research into network measurement, performance, security and management, with funding from the UK (EPSRC), EU, and US governments. Previously an EPSRC Roberts Fellow and an Intel Research Fellow, Moore has ongoing financial support from Xilinx, Cisco and Solarflare, with past collaborators including AT&T, NetApp, Broadcom, and Microsoft. Dr. Moore is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (formerly the IEE).