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Community Highlights – November 2020

Dec 1, 2020
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents (alphabetical)

Ambassador Program
Developer Relations


  • ONF team has made advances on every subsystem of the Aether platform: SDN Substrate, SD-Core, SD-RAN, and Operationalization. For this, an iterative development is in place. At each iteration, progress is made towards adding new features, increasing scale, performance, high-availability, hardening with enhanced tests that achieve better coverage, as well as higher automation for operationalization with platforms for monitoring and diagnostics in place.

Ambassador Program

  • ONF Ambassador LATAM team conducted two webinars to introduce ONF and ONF projects across the geography, “Working with ONF to Transform Mobile & Broadband Networks” was delivered in Portuguese and in Spanish - great job by the team!
  • ONF is once again very happy to welcome new ambassadors. In November we had two new Ambassadors join our team:
    • Rony A. S. Pedroso - over two decades of experience with fixed and mobile carriers and service providers in Latin America and Brazil. Helping telcos to modernize and innovate their access and core networks with leading edge solutions from companies such as DZS, Ericsson, Samsung, Italtel, MobileUm, and others. Areas of interest include Optical Networks, Telco Cloud, 5G/LTE, and Mobile Transport Networks.
    • Ricardo Rivera - telecom engineer with over 13 years of experience ranging from wireless communications in RF design, optimization in 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G, Service Assurance and Broadband Access. Currently working as a presales engineer for Radisys and directly contributing to projects involving reference designs, standards, and components of ONF, such as SEBA, VOLTHA, and ONOS.


  • Created 5G dockerfile to create all the VF images.
  • Started to integrate a static C++/C code checking tool cppcheck to our OMEC.
  • Wrote helm charts for 5G control plan, data plane and ran simulator.
  • Improved testing for OMEC with negative NG40 test cases and scalability tests with 10K UEs.

Developer Relations

  • All ONF Community Slack channels have been migrated to ONF Community Slack workspace (there are no other ONF Slack workspaces in use any more). You will find all project-specific Slack channels here. To join ONF Community Slack workspace, please click here.
  • Two new Communities have been started. Currently they are open to ONF members only, but if you are interested you can already join the announcements mailing lists and Slack channels
  • We released an important improvement to ONF Contributor License Agreement (CLA) Portal - companies can now designate a Manager role that allows adding and removing identities to/from an Institutional CLA. Previously, only the signatory of the CLA had this capability. More information about ONF CLA here.
  • See all community contributions in the ONF Community Dashboard


  • The team explored applying Domain-Driven-Design (DDD) in the modeling of aggregation of functions/properties of component-system. Components are understood as aggregation of properties. Component is opaque such that the function of the component is only perceived as a result of interaction via the ports of the component. Components can be assembled with other components to form a system.  
  • A 4-day OIMT virtual face-to-face meeting took place on November 30, December 2 – 4. https://wiki.opennetworking.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=626655234


  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) made several improvements to ONOS 2.5
    • Removed some stale dependencies from ODTN apps and drivers which prevented a clean boot.
    • Decoupled Stratum driver from ODTN by creating a Stratum-ODTN driver.
    • Fixed readiness/liveness probes in the ONOS helm chart which prevented an unhealthy instance from being restarted by k8s.


  • OIF Interop testing of TAPI 2.1.3 and OpenConfig has concluded except for a remaining end-to-end test.  Testing uncovered some differences in interpretation, especially on RestConf, but no major spec issues.  More detailed results will come after the testing results are analyzed.  Thanks to TAPI project members Arturo Mayoral (Telefonica), Nigel Davis (Ciena) and Jonathan Sadler and Pedro Amaral (Infinera) who participated directly in the testing effort.
  • The TAPI project had a three day virtual meeting on November 9-11, discussing Alarm/Fault management, notification, path computation and photonic media modeling.  Andrea Mazzini (Nokia) led the virtual meeting.


  • Antonin Bas (VMWare) and the P4 API working group released P4Runtime v1.3.0 on GitHub. It's a pretty small release in terms of the number of changes. However, the assignment of TCP port 9559 by IANA was a pretty big milestone for P4Runtime, and this is the highlight of this release!
  • EuroP4 2020 virtual event planned for December 1st as a virtual event. It is the third P4 Language Consortium event in Europe and is focused on bringing together P4 and P4->NetFPGA researchers from Europe and from around the world, and to foster the growth of the P4 Community.


  • Moved ETCD and Kafka to stable charts. We are currently using the Bitnami etcd charts. Thanks to Serkant Uluderya, Khenaidoo Nursimulu, David Bainbridge, Matteo Scandolo and Andrea Campanella. 
  • Open Onu Adapter Go added successful dataplane tests with ATT 1T4GEM. Multi-tcont was also implemented, thus allowing TT scale test. All Workflows scale tests with opeonu-go adapter now perform at 2 olts, 16 PON ports each with 32 ONUs per PON with 1 adapter instance and no issue.  Thanks to the Adtran Team, in particular Michael Pagenkopf, Holger Hildebrandt and Torsten Thieme and ONF with Girish Gowdra and Andrea Campanella. 
  • VOLTHA Multi-stack support was introduced along with required extension and parametrization of values in the codebase. Extension to kind-voltha to deploy different stack has been provided, thanks to Serkant Uluderya and Matteo Scandolo. 
  • QA nightly tests have been extended to run on multiple OLTs in a pod controlled by one VOLTHA stack. Such configuration is now running on the Berlin Community pod with the full suite of DT 1T8GEM tests. Thanks to Suchitra Vemuri, Girish Gowdra and Andrea Campanella. 
  • Extension of the DMI interface with small but production required API and Implementation of metrics BBSIM to simulate device management. Thanks to Holger Shulz, Radisys team and the DMI brigade. 


  • Yi Tseng (ONF) added support for the Edgecore Wedge100BF-32QS switch to Stratum and ONL.
  • Brian O’Connor and Max Pudelko (ONF) updated Stratum to return the port number automatically under the /interface/state/ifindex gNMI path for Tofino switches, which is used to address ports in P4Runtime messages.
  • Max Pudelko (ONF) added support for dynamically linking the ONLP API if it is present, which allows a Stratum binary that works with ONLP, the Tofino simulator, and the Barefoot BSP.
  • Yi Tseng (ONF) added a stratum-replay tool that can be used to reply production control plane traces for Stratum development and testing.
  • Max Pudelko (ONF) improved code formatting and fixed a number of bugs and issues.


  • Charles Chan (ONF) made several improvements:
    • Supported for DHCP relay in TOST.
    • Integrated  JaCoCo in Trellis CI jobs to report unit test coverage.
  • Pier Luigi Ventre (ONF) revised and improved the process for building the TOST artifacts, which now produces two releases: "stable" and "master".
    • "stable" target will point to well tested commits of the TOST component.
    • "master" target will use ONOS 2.5 and the tip of each component.
  • Hung-Wei Chiu (ONF) improved the TOST deployment pipeline. TOST-related commits now trigger automatic deployment when being merged into aether-pod-configs repository.
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